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Can You Get Head Lice From Airplane Seats?

Traveling can be stressful for a variety of reasons, LiceDoctors can ease at least one of your worries. 
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Odessa and Midland Texas Schools Lice Policies

Schools across the state deal with head lice on a case by case basis, “Because the Texas Department of Health Services says lice is not considered a health threat."

Local School Lice Policy Information

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School Lice Policy McAllen and Brownsville and Surrounding Areas

In general, schools in Texas are discouraged from setting no-nit policies which prevent children with nits (lice eggs) from attending school.

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School Lice Policy Fayetteville and Rogers and Surrounding Areas

Many districts in Northwest Arkansas adhere to the most recent lice policy recommendations from the CDC. Guidelines follow:

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Head Lice in Pictures

When we complete a lice treatment, everyone is happy and relieved. Lice are annoying but they are no match for LiceDoctors! Call us today and we will make sure that you are lice-free and are back to your every day life. That's a guarantee!

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How Long Does It Take to Get Lice After Being Exposed?

You just found out that your child’s best friend has head lice and, of course, your child was at his house just yesterday. Now you are wondering how long will it take until you know whether your child picked up a case from him.

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Tell Your Schools about Safer, More Effective Lice Treatment Options

LiceDoctors isn't the only one out there trying to educate school personnel and parents about ineffective lice chemicals and the prevalence of “super lice.”

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LiceDoctors comes to your home and uses all natural, safe, and effective treatment to eliminate the head lice. Your technician will educate you and leave you and your family armed with the information to remain lice and nit free. We are the only lice treatment service with a medical doctor on staff and our record speaks for itself: Over 400,000 successfully treated clients!