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Why LiceDoctors?

  • LiceDoctors makes house calls
  • Over 450,000 clients treated
  • Pricing lower than salons
  • Covered by FSA/HSAs
  • Medical doctor on staff
  • 30 day guarantee
  • Chemical-free protocols
  • A+ rating with the BBB
  • Available 365 days and nights
  • Totally confidential

Are you a Norwalk and Darien area resident dealing with a lice problem?

Simply call or schedule an appointment with LiceDoctors and we will dispatch an expert lice technician to your home. Our Norwalk and Darien lice treatment service uses an all natural treatment that will leave you lice-free.

We are the most experienced and cost-effective lice removal service in the area; we have treated hundreds of thousands of clients over 20 years. LiceDoctors operates under the guidance of a board-certified, on-staff medical doctor and we back our service with a full guarantee! Let's get an expert lice technician to your house today to treat you in absolute privacy.

Why Choose Us in the Norwalk and Darien area?

Thanks to LiceDoctors, safe and effective head lice treatment is available in the Norwalk and Darien area. Feel free to reach  us directly on this website or call us at 203-303-9002 to speak with a knowledgeable representative to schedule your professional in-home head lice treatment with a qualified local lice technician on a day and at a time that work for you.

Your technician will use a proven, all-natural lice removal process. She and our entire team are under the guidance of our on-staff medical doctor, Dr. Stephen Beck.  Treatment from LiceDoctors has been proven effective with over 500,000 people treated by our company. That is why we are confident offering a 30 day guarantee!

Understanding how to deal with lice has become more difficult for parents with the emergence of “super lice”. We have observed that chemical over-the-counter and prescription lice treatments are losing their effectiveness. And, of course, the first part, getting rid of live bugs is just the beginning. Carefully removing all of the nits (lice eggs) is critical in order to totally ensure an infestation is gone. 

Your in-home lice treatment that eliminates even stubborn “super lice” will be easily tolerated by everyone in your family. Your technician will clearly explain every step in the process so that when she finishes it, you will be confident that the lice are gone.

Every day from 7 AM until midnight, LiceDoctors’ call center is open at 203-303-9002. We offer treatment that is quite affordable and is covered by most FSA and HAS plans as well as by some insurance. You can reduce the effect that  a lice infestation has on your family.  We are ready to help every day of the year, evenings and weekends, including holidays. 

Lowest Pricing in the Norwalk and Darien Area

We will treat your family in the privacy of your home for a reasonable price: 

  • No matter how many people we check and/or treat, the first hour of treatment is $199, including travel (extra travel charges may be added for over 50 miles).
  • After the first hour, the rate is 150 an hour, broken into 15 minute  segments.
  • To treat all members of a four person household, our technician will work for an average 2.5 to 3 hours. This varies based on the
  •    number of people being treated and the severity of the case.
  • On average, treatment cost for a 4 person family is between $500.
  • It will cost you over $700 for a family of 4 with lice to be treated at a lice clinic such as Lice Clinics of America.
  • LiceDoctors provides only convenient and discreet in-home treatment.


Norwalk and Darien FAQs

My daughters are scheduled to have haircuts in a salon this week. Can they be treated for lice then?
No, beauty salons in Fairfield County are not permitted to treat people with lice. It is very important that you be treated by someone with appropriate experience and using a safe and effective method. Of course, Norwalk and Darien LiceDoctors is the best option to ensure that you will have a positive experience. 
Are lice eggs (nits) contagious?
Lice eggs stay glued to the hair near the scalp and do not move from person to person. It is the actual lice that move from one person to another to transfer the infestation from one Norwalk or Darien family to another. 
Do lice like dirty or clean hair?
Lice can be present in anyone’s hair. However, they more often infest a head with clean hair because it is easier to adhere to. People who use hair gel oil and other styling products do not get lice quite as often. We do recommend a product that can help—LiceDoctors Peppermint Repellent spray as a preventative. Peppermint repels the lice, and the spray adds a repelling layer of product on the hair.

Over 400,000 Happy Customers
Discreet In Home Service
All Natural Treatment

Client Testimonials

  • “Awesome. Highly recommend. I called at 6 o’clock at night and Jess was at our house by 7:30. She was great with our kids who are not the best sitters. All lice are gone!” Colton D. in Norwalk, Connecticut

  • “LiceDoctors is really great. When they come and treat the whole family, everyone gets a guarantee. They really put us at ease because you can tell that the technician and staff know so much about head lice. We highly recommend!” Peter Y. in Darien, Connecticut

  • “We had lice for several weeks and I really tried everything. They just would not go away. As soon as I found LiceDoctors website, I realized what I was doing wrong. I didn’t realize that the bugs were resistant to chemicals but it made perfect sense. The LiceDoctors technician came to our home and treated the whole family. She was sweet and knew her business.  She  checked everyone in the family a couple of times and left us with these instructions to follow up. I’m very happy and certainly will call them in the future if we ever have another lice problem.” Melanie B. in Westport, CT.

Lice Tips

Ten Things You Should Know About Head Lice

image of hand holding letters INFO soft focus blue bubble background.
We know: you have read and heard a lot of conflicting “facts” of lice. As people who have been treating head lice for decades, we have the answers for you. LiceDoctors is the most experienced lice treatment service in the U.S.

School Policy

Norwalk and Darien School Head Lice Policies

smiling teen girl holding folders and backpack wearing headphones in school hall classroom.
School lice policies in Norwalk and Darien can vary from school to school so always check with your child's school to determine their policy regarding head lice. 

The Lice Treatment Process

Step By Step Process Explained

Getting rid of head lice does not have to be a stressful experience. Let LiceDoctors take the burden off of you with our chemical-free, safe, effective, and fully guaranteed lice treatment service. We have successfully treated thousands of families and we can help you today!


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