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So You've Discovered Your Family Has Lice. What Can You Do To Prepare for a Visit From LiceDoctors?

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Updated on July 24, 2020

By Lice Technician, Sean McGee

So you’ve discovered your family has been more than just exposed to head lice; you’ve determined you have a pretty good case of the unwanted critters. You have already made an appointment with LiceDoctors to come out and treat but what can you do to prepare for your treatment so you can get the most out of it.

Well, the good news is that you’ve already done the hard part which is discovering it and admitting that the care needed is a little above your level of expertise. But that’s not to say there aren’t things you can do to prepare for your visit for a trained LiceDoctors technician. However, the beauty of this treatment is that no preparation is required to be successful other than being there when the technician arrives.

Got Curly or Unruly Hair?

lice tips professional head lice treatment for curly tangled difficult hair

If you or a loved one has extremely curly hair, you can always use a flat iron and straighten it.  Most people know when their hair is so curly it causes someone issues to be dry brushed. If your hair is unruly and you cannot easily get a comb through it, then we suggest that you straighten it before your technician arrives. It will make the lice treatment process go faster. If your hair is just run of the mill curly, the technicians are experts in combing that out. 

Dress Down

You are not going to the ball. Remember someone will be using oil in your hair and while we cover you, don’t take chances by wearing your new outfit. This gig requires old clothing! 

Snack or Distract for Little Ones

lice tips snack toys distract children during professional lice treatment

Maybe have some snacks for your family or if it is close to mealtime, maybe have them fed before we arrive. There is really no way to tell how long a call will take. We know an approximation but every call is different. Some houses have 8 girls with thick, curly, long hair and they are really bad cases or it might be 2 boys with buzz cuts. So if it’s close to mealtime, don’t worry about feeding your child a little early. A hangry child is not a good idea. Having a favorite toy or video nearby also helps to,distract the child and helps the time to pass quickly,

If you are absolutely certain that someone has lice, you can start to quarantine the bedding and stuffed animals (if any). If they have a favorite teddy bear that never leaves their side, the technician will have you do this

Now you are ready for a house visit from your local LiceDoctors technician. She will use a non-toxic and thorough lice treatment process and will leave you with a follow-up plan that ensures that the lice do not return and that you do not need to do a major cleaning in your house. Technicians are available every day of the year morning, noon, and night. Call 800-224-2537 or look on our site for your local LiceDoctors phone number.

I hope this helps in preparing for your appointment with LiceDoctors.

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