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Yes, Babies Can Get Head Lice

Updated on March 18, 2020

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Carrie Ann from Arlington, Virginia had given birth six months ago to her second child. Her older daughter came home from school with lice and she wanted to know how vulnerable her little one was. The key question we had for her is, does she have hair? Even babies with a little bit of hair are susceptible to lice; as long as there is a piece of hair for the bug to cling to, it will live on the hair and feed off the head. If a baby is totally bald then he or she is not at risk. Guess which of these babies is at greater risk of getting head lice?

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Babies with a full head of hair are more likely to contract lice than babies with little hair. The reason for that is that it is easier for the lice to access the hair when there is more of it. Babies with older siblings and babies who spend the day in day care have a lot greater chance of having head lice than only children who are at home with a parent or sitter. The likelihood is very low that a baby will contract lice if he or she is not regularly exposed to other children. A baby whose older, school-attending sibling has lice and then comes home to hug the baby will likely pick up a case. All that a louse needs to survive is a small amount of hair, human blood, and a warm environment that has a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Keep in mind though, that the more hair the baby has the more likely it is that lice will be enticed to crawl onto and remain on that head. If you find lice on your baby, we strongly urge you not to apply toxic chemicals to the head. Babies are at higher risk for side effects from chemical treatments. Call LiceDoctors in Virginia at 800-224-2537 and an experienced lice professional will treat your baby and the rest of your family safely and effectively an all-natural protocol and manual extraction of the eggs.