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Will Heat From the Hair Dryer or Clothes Dryer Kill Lice?

Updated on April 9, 2017

Woman Blowdrying Her Hair

We are often asked by parents in Fairfield County if heat will kill lice and nits. One mom in Norwalk told us that she had tried to blow out the nits recently by aiming a blow dryer at her child's head, while another parent in Darien washed everything in the house in hot water and the dried it on high heat in the clothes dryer. As both of these parents discovered, heat did not get rid their lice infestation. They called us in a state of frustration and asked why the heat wasn't killing the lice and nits (lice eggs). It is important to know that nits have a very hard, protective shell that a hair dyer or clothes dryer heat can not penetrate. The baby bugs (nymphs) inside of the nits remain alive and well in the face of heat....these heat dyers are not at all effective. The same goes for adult lice. They are very hearty creatures. To get to adulthood they have survived many washings of the hair in hot water and also in many cases hair that is been dried by a hot hair dryer. In addition, lice that have crawled off the head onto an item of clothing can also survive the heat of a washing machine and clothes dryer. The agitator motion in the machines also does nothing to affect the resistance of the lice. LiceDoctors supports the method advocated by the National Pediculosis Association....combing and hand picking. Treating lice is a labor intensive process for which there are no short cuts and experience matters! A lice expert has the tools and know-how to find, identify, and eliminate lice and nits (lice eggs).  To make sure that your lice infestation is eradicated, call LiceDoctors today at 203-302-9002.