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Will Head Lice Go Away If Left Untreated?

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Updated on July 17, 2020

You find lice in your child’s hair and you try to treat it. After lice shampoos fail, you start to wonder, if I ignore this problem, will it go away eventually? Unfortunately the answer is a definite NO.

You are About to Throw in the Towel!

You have tried every do-it-yourself approach you can think of. Short of shaving your daughter’s head, you are out of ideas. When it occurs to you, maybe like a virus, if you leave the lice alone, they will eventually wear themselves out. Then you’ll finally be done, right? Sorry but the answer is lice will only get worse over time.

Here’s what happens: head lice live for about 30 days. Over that period of time, they lay up to 10 eggs (nits) a day. After about 10 days, most of those nits hatch. The baby that comes out of the egg is called a nymph. Within about two weeks, that nymph is mature and ready to start laying eggs. You can see what will happen. Basically the number of nits and bugs increases exponentially over time. When left untreated, you will eventually have thousands of nits and hundreds of bugs in the hair.

downward view of severe head lice infestation in dry brown hair.

Above is a case that has gone untreated for months.

LiceDoctors has Strategies that are Chemical-Free and Work!

downward view of severe head lice infestation in brown hair, oil treatement begun, many nits and lice visible.

Oil her up to start the process! No chemicals are used.

The first thing that LiceDoctors technicians do is apply oil to the scalp. The thick oil slows down and/or suffocates the lice and loosens the nits. Then the tech goes to work using her expertise to remove all vestiges of the lice case. She methodically combs through the hair in sections ensuring that all nits are removed. She doesn’t want to overlook any nits as the nits will hatch and if left untreated, the lice will multiply and you will be back to where you started...with a head full of lice and nits.

Hand-picking is Key and Requires Expertise!

The next step is critical and requires experience and a keen eye and the right equipment. The technician washes and dries the hair and revisits each section of the hair, checking every strand. If she uncovers a nit that was left behind with the combing, she will hand pick it out. Nits do a great job of camouflaging in the hair so experience and clarity of vision matter here. This is a precise science and there is no room for error. As we said before, if nits are left behind, they will hatch.

downward view of dry brown hair cleared of head lice after severe infestation and oil treatment.

Client post-treatment lice-free!

After you use LiceDoctors you can feel confident that you have the knowledge on proper follow up care and will see 100% guaranteed results. Still have more questions? That’s ok! LiceDoctors is here to answer any questions you have, day or night. LiceDoctors is more than just a treatment resource. Dispatchers and technicians genuinely want to help with a problem that for anyone can be overwhelming. So call LiceDoctors today at 516-324-2800 for lice help in Massapequa or Babylon and surrounding Long Island towns.