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Why Use a Professional Lice Treatment Service

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Updated on July 19, 2020

"What can you do for us that we can't do for ourselves?" is a question that we are occasionally asked by inquiring parents in the Garland and Richardson areas. Folks want to know why they need a professional lice treatment service. To eradicate lice, you need to have know-how and the proper tools of the trade.

It is important to know that there is a growing resistance among head lice to the chemical shampoos/pesticides, which makes lice eradication more difficult than ever. You may have heard the term "super lice"; these are lice that have become immune to lice pesticides and these bugs have been found across the country.  In addition, some of the more efficacious chemicals have been taken out of the pesticides due to their harmful side effects. Lice mutate to adapt to chemicals thereby rendering the shampoos ineffective and lice resistant. Whether you are in Garland or Richardson, you may have tried to treat your children on your own. If so, you have likely encountered frustration in getting rid of the lice infestation once and for all. Before you hire a lice treatment service, you need to be sure that they have the expertise to get rid of your family’s head lice infestation more effectively than you can do it yourself. LiceDoctors technicians bring the tools that are needed to clear away your head lice infestation efficiently and safely.

What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Service

FIRST - ensure that the lice professional you hire guarantees the treatment. At LiceDoctors, nearly everyone is cleared for school the next day. In the aftermath of our treatment, we are available to answer any questions you may have. After a simple at-home follow-up plan that we show you, if you do find lice(very unlikely), your technician will return at no charge and re-treat you.

SECOND - find out how many clients the lice service has treated. With head lice removal, experience matters. The more cases you have treated, the more able you are to find small bugs and nits (eggs) in the hair. LiceDoctors has a track record of successfully treating nearly 400,000 children and adults. A major reason for hiring a professional service is that they should be a lot better at finding and removing lice than an untrained person. The lice treatment service should have safe and effective strategies to eliminate lice and their microscopic nits that are in the hair on the day of treatment. This is very important and is a big reason why many do-it-you itself lice treatments fail. If a couple of nits are left behind, and that is likely to happen with recently laid ones as those nits are too small to see with the naked eye, then you need to have a a follow-up plan to eradicate those nits. If you do not, then it is highly likely that your lice infestation will continue.

THIRD - the presence of an expert should be comforting to you during a stressful time. Many people feel overwhelmed when they find lice in their hair or on a family member. LiceDoctors lice removal technicians not only eliminate head lice they also offer emotional support during a trying time by demystifying the process. Attempting to self-treat can feel like being alone on a hamster wheel.

FOURTH - your technician should arrive equipped with tools that work to eliminate the lice. LiceDoctors’ technicians carry the tools to get all of the lice out of the hair.

FIFTH - an experienced lice professional will teach you about head lice based on years of experience in the field. We assure you that there is a lot of contradictory, false information on the Internet. LiceDoctors technicians will educate you so that hopefully you will be prepared if you ever need to combat lice in the future.

SIXTH - a professional lice treatment company may very well be your most cost-effective (least expensive) option because it works. Prescriptions are expensive and OTC products often fail to work.

LiceDoctors pricing is in the mid to lower range. For lice removal companies that charge by the hour, ask how long it typically takes them to treat a head. While some companies may quote a lower hourly rate, inexperienced technicians take longer to treat a head. Of course, there are variables in play such as how long and thick the hair is and how severe the lice infestation is. Treatment companies that charge by the head are generally more expensive than LiceDoctors which charges by the hour. For families who attempt to self-treat, there are often wasted expenditures such as chemical shampoos that are not effective, visits to the doctor who is not going to take the time to remove the lice from the head, time and money wasted on unnecessary laundry, dry cleaning, and house cleaning bills, and, of course, the cost of missed days of school and work.

If you find lice in your family, do not waste time. Call LiceDoctors at 214-382-9727 day or night, 365 days a year, and an experienced lice professional will be at your home at your convenience to treat you. Treatments are fully guaranteed.

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