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Why Does Oil Help With Lice Removal?

Updated on April 12, 2017

Olive oil pouring

There are many different approaches people take to head lice eradication. Possibly the most common approach is the usage of chemicals. One problem with chemicals is that they may have side effects. Another problem is that lice have developed a resistance to the chemicals so they are no longer always effective. These pesticides do not penetrate the shell of the nits so often times people become very frustrated when they find that the chemical treatment did not work. LiceDoctors treatments are safe and effective. LiceDoctors' technicians use all-natural, safe, and thorough treatments to eradicate head lice in our clients. An application of oil allows the comb to glide through the hair pulling out nits as you go.  Nits are glued to the hair and the oil helps to loosen them enabling the comb to extricate them from the hair strand. In addition, the oil gets into the breathing apparatus and suffocates the live bugs. It also instantly immobilizes lice making them easier to "catch" with the comb. It is also important to remove eggs by handpicking. The experience of a lice technician is especially important with this aspect of a treatment as the eggs camouflage in the hair. It takes a level of expertise to be able to find and remove the sticky, small eggs from the hair. LiceDoctors  offers a full guarantee of your treatment's effectiveness. Call LiceDoctors today for an appointment in Maine at 207-747-2716.

LiceDoctors oil treatment is safe and effective.