Why Do the Lice Keep Coming Back or Why is it so Difficult to Get Rid of the Lice on My Own?

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We often receive phone calls from parents who have tried their best to get rid of the head lice, but those stubborn bugs keep coming back. They ask us “what am I doing wrong?”

Lice can be Difficult to Eradicate—This is especially true if you have not had a lot of practice finding and killing them. Below are some reasons why it is challenging to really put an end to a case of lice.

Head lice are hard to find—these bugs are not only little, they move very fast. If a light is shined on the head, they will scoot and hide so quickly that it is almost impossible to find them.

Nits camouflage in the hair—nits are the lice eggs and they are also small. In addition, they blend into the hair making them hard to identify.

Lice and nits are resistant to most treatments— if you have applied over-the-counter or prescription pesticides and still have an active infestation, you are not alone. Lice have developed a resistance to chemicals, often rendering these products ineffective.

You Don't Check Everyone in the House—lice are very contagious. If a small child has a case of head lice, chances are almost 90% that mom will have it too. Chances are over 70% that a sibling will have it.

You hand pick but don't do any follow-up on the head—you are getting closer in terms of employing a strategy that can work. On any given day, eggs that were just laid will be microscopic. If you leave those eggs in the hair, they will eventually hatch and you will have a new generation of head lice.

What Works to Finally Get Rid of Lice?

LiceDoctors offers comprehensive head lice treatments that attack the lice and eggs at any and all stages of development. You must physically remove the nits from the hair and do a follow up plan to ensure that even the microscopic nits are gone. Your lice professional has the experience to find and identify nits and lice and the know-how to get rid of them. Call LiceDoctors in the Lincoln Park area at your earliest convenience at 312-765-7266 to ensure that your lice case is finally eradicated.