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Why Do Lice Keep Coming Back?

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Updated on September 4, 2020

Updated by Tierna Moser

Why Do Head Lice Keep Coming Back?

A common complaint we hear from distraught people calling in seeking advice is that the head lice keeps reoccurring despite their best efforts which leaves them wondering what they have been doing wrong and how they can get rid of lice for good. The truth is, that for many reasons lice treatment can fail which is why the lice keeps coming back.

Lice Treatment Didn’t Work

A common reason that lice keep coming back after treatments is that the treatment did not work. This does not necessarily mean that you performed the treatment incorrectly. Lice have developed a resistance to chemicals, often rendering these products ineffective. If the bugs are not killed by the treatment, they will lay more nits (lice eggs) so nits keep coming back as well. 

Someone Else Gave Lice Back To You

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Another reason that head lice keep coming back is that someone keeps giving it to you. Often, the source of the infestation is not the person you think it is, so if the main culprit is not treated, others who spend time with her or him in close proximity will get a case of head lice over and over. This is why it is very important that everyone in the household is checked and treated at the same time. Don’t assume family members don’t have it just because they are not itching. While it also may be uncomfortable, we recommend advising families whom you or your children have been around so they can be checked and treated as well if necessary.

What To Do When Lice Keeps Coming Back

If you are wondering why does lice keep coming back to your family, don’t fret. Getting rid of head lice, when you know how, is actually not the nightmare process that it is made out to be. Educate yourself and assess the method you’ve been using. Head lice are hard to find and nits camouflage in the hair, so make sure you know what you are looking for when preparing to attempt treatment again. Ensure that your method involves addressing the entire life cycle of lice – killing or removing all live bugs and combing and hand-picking each and every egg out of the hair. Make sure that you check everyone in the house and, most importantly, follow up. On any given day, eggs that were just laid will be microscopic. If you do not address those eggs when they become visible you will have a new generation of head lice.

Of course, professional help is available. LiceDoctors offers comprehensive head lice treatments that attack the lice and eggs at any and all stages of development. Your lice professional has the experience to find and identify nits and lice and the know-how to get rid of them. She will also leave you with a followup plan to ensure that even the microscopic nits are gone. Call LiceDoctors at your earliest convenience at 800-224-2537 to ensure that your lice case is finally eradicated.

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