Why Do-It-Yourself Lice Treatments Often Fail

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It seems today that there is a service for almost everything. Need to organize your drawers? Call in a home organizer. Need help choosing clothes? Call a personal shopper. The list goes on and on. Some of these services may seem frivolous but one service is not only the most efficient solution, it can also be the most economical answer and that is California's LiceDoctors professional lice treatment and nit removal service. Why not just buy a drugstore remedy, apply it, comb, and be done with it? The reason is most of the time they do not work...and they may have negative side effects.  It is very simple. Head lice have mutated and become resistant to many of the chemicals. In addition, the eggs have a very rigid shell which do not allow chemicals to seep through to kill the baby bug that is inside. We get calls from parents all over California who are extremely frustrated because they have tackled this challenge on their own and have been unable to get rid of the head lice. Not only have they wasted their time combing and picking only to find more eggs and lice in the hair a couple of days or weeks later, but they've also wasted a lot of money on products that claim to eliminate lice, but in reality fail to do so. Sometimes their do-it-yourself treatment includes visits to the doctors’ office to get prescription shampoos that cost $300 and promise 60% efficacy and then fail. Then there is the problem that parents are not trained to identify lice and nits. Lice are very small and run away from the light when you move the hair, therefore they may be quite elusive. In addition the nits or eggs have a translucent shell which allow them to blend into the hair, making it very difficult for an untrained person to find them in the hair. In addition, if you find them in the hair, since nits are glued to the hair shaft, it can be very time-consuming and cumbersome to detach and remove the nits if you are not experienced in doing that. Note if you leave even a couple of nits in the hair, they will hatch and eventually reproduce. Do-it-yourself treatments often result in children missing days of school because they are not able to be admitted by the school nurse. This may result in days of missed work and lost income for parents. In addition, loads of laundry are done unnecessarily, clothes are sent to the dry cleaners for no reason, and combs and other hair accessories may be thrown out, which will not help to get rid of the head lice. Head lice only live off of the head for a day so there is little to no need to focus on the environment. A do-it-yourself course of lice treatment can be very frustrating for parents and annoying and upsetting for children. At LiceDoctors, we often arrive at homes of families who are burnt out from the effort of trying to tackle this overwhelming problem. We have nearly 20 years experience in the field and have treated well over 250,000 clients. LiceDoctors' technicians are highly experienced and we have a medical doctor on staff. This is what we do and we truly know how to get rid of the lice problem quickly and affordably. Why put yourself through the costs and torture of do-it-yourself treatments when LiceDoctors guarantees that we will eradicate your lice infestation. Your technician comes to your home in California and does what do-it-yourself treatments often fail to do...gets rid of this head lice case once and for all. Call LiceDoctors in California at 800-224-2537 or call the local phone number above for your area. LiceDoctors will come to you day or night, seven days a week. Make An Appointment Today!

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