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Why Do At-Home Do-It-Yourself Head Lice Treatments Often Cost More Than LiceDoctors?

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Updated on July 19, 2020

If you are reading this blog, there's a chance that you have already tried chemical treatments or some form of do-it-yourself head lice treatments. If that is the case then you know that many of those treatments fail to eradicate had lice. Head lice have mutated and become resistant to many chemical lice products. The Cost of Head Lice Treatment in Kansas CityIn addition no product penetrates the shell of the egg so if eggs are left in the head they will hatch and the case will continue.

Kelly G., a client in Kansas City, made a comment to us that we hear often: "I really wish I had known about you before I wasted hundreds of dollars on products and procedures that left me right back at the beginning with respect to head lice. My daughter came home with head lice and I figured that I could handle this on my own. Being stubborn cost me several wasted days and wasted dollars as the lice kept returning and I kept treating.”

Wasted Time and Money

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Following are a list of procedures and expenditures that add up and many times total significantly more then an at-home LiceDoctors visit and treatment:

  • Over-the counter head lice shampoo kits that are often ineffective. The lice have adapted to the chemicals in products like Nix and Rid and have levels of resistance to them. (Just Google “super lice”. Remember Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest? If these insects were not so strong and able to adapt, they would be obsolete like many others. You don’t want to have a false sense of security that your child is lice-free, send her out into the world, and then discover that the lice are baaack!
  • Visits to the pediatrician’s office/prescription shampoos that may not work (and are expensive!). Pediatricians are not trained to treat head lice nor are they going to spend hours picking out the nits (lice eggs). As a friend of mine who is a pediatrician informed me when he called for my help, “We did not learn about pediculosis in medical school.” Not only may these visits be expensive, they are often not helpful. Prescription lice pesticides cost upwards of $200 per person and are not as efficacious as LiceDoctors professional treatment.
  • Days of missed work and school. Schools may not permit your infested child to attend school. Then you are forced to take a day off and in some cases you lose pay or a sick day. Maybe you can find a baby sitter, but that is an expenditure, as well, unless grandma wants to take the risk of being around head lice.
  • Loads and loads of laundry and dry cleaning. The costs for this may add up and not help at all. To get rid of lice you have to deal with lice on the head. Anything on your clothes will be dead tomorrow, but most people waste time and money trying to eradicate lice off the head.
  • Cleaning with above bullet, lice do not live off of the head for more than a day. If you waste your money on cleaning services or on potentially toxic fumigation, you are wasting precious resources.
  • Lice removal gadgets. There are plenty out there. Nothing works as well as a professional grade lice comb and a lot of experience in nitpicking.
  • Needlessly thrown away combs and other hair accessories. Lice will not live on these products for more than a day. The bugs will starve without blood. It’s an absolute waste of money to throw out these accessories.

Have you spent money on any of these? If so you are not alone. Unfortunately, these are misguided expenditures and generally will not help in eradicating head lice.

Emotional Costs of Trying to Treat Yourself

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And, of course, there are the emotional and physical costs of do-it-yourself treatments:

  • Hours wasted combing and treating lice and picking nits only to find out a few days later that there are still nits in the hair. This happens so often. The problem is that most people do not have the experience needed to pull every nit out of the hair. These nits that are left behind eventually hatch. As you have likely experienced, it is extremely frustrating to think that you are done with the lice case, and then to see signs of an active infestation.
  • The frustration of mom or dad not being able to see what is in their own hair. It is almost impossible to pull nits and live bugs out of the back of your own hair. That is a sure formula for frustration.
  • Restless, crying, and/or frustrated children who endure nitpicking and pulling at their hair. All of this adds to making you feel like your head may explode.
  • Long term effects of toxic ingredients? Who wants to worry about that? Why put toxins from lice pesticides on your child’s head especially when they often don’t work and there are better and safer choices.
  • The discomfort of itchy scalps. Enduring that for days on end can drive anyone crazy. The itchiness may lead to sleepless nights as lice become busier at night. Lack of sleep can add to your frustration and take a toll on you.
  • Backaches from constant vacuuming and doing loads of wash. Aren’t you busy enough without adding this task to your daily load?

Don’t Wait Until You Reach the End of Your Rope

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Don’t let yourself get to the point of absolute frustration. When making a decision on your what type of lice treatment to choose, it is not as simple as purchasing a $10 lice killing product versus bring in a professional. Remember there are many potential costs of failed lice treatment compared to getting it right the first time. Call LiceDoctors in Kansas City and surrounding areas today for in-home professional service at 913-766-2415 and you will know that it is money and time well-spent. That's a guarantee!