Why Can't I Kill the Lice and Remove the Nits on My Own?


After all, you may be thinking, how hard can it be? You just have to pour some chemicals on the head, then comb, and voila no more lice. In fact, this is NOT the case. As the lice have developed a resistance to the chemical shampoos and the lice and their eggs camouflage in the hair, it has become increasingly challenging to conquer these critters. After trying in vain, to eliminate the lice, parents often start to panic. Is this infestation going to last forever? Are our lives going to be disrupted forever? HELP!!

Unable to Find a Solution – Panic Sets In

There is no need to panic. We understand that it is the feeling of being overwhelmed and defeated that often pushes conscientious parents over the edge. Parent tell us that they have spent hours, days even, combing their children's hair while their kids sit unhappily waiting for this annoying lice removal process to be finished. Just when the parent is sure that they have eliminated all signs of lice, out crawls a louse bug. It is that feeling of being on hamster wheel that frustrates parents and leads to a feeling of panic.

Stigma of Lice Has Been Declining in Recent Years.

As more and more kids are diagnosed with head lice infestations the stigma has decreased. Schools across the country have been actively engaged in dispensing information about head lice in an effort to lower the incidence and reduce the stigma. The information explains to parents that head lice are not associated with uncleanliness; anyone with hair is susceptible to getting head lice. Many schools have dropped their "no nit" policies and do not send kids home if they have head lice so as not to spotlight kids who are found to have lice.

Why LiceDoctors Can Help You

There are many children who do not feel itchy so parents are unlikely in those cases to notice that their child has lice. By the time that they identify the case, the child is heavily infested. Even when a case is caught early it can be a daunting task for an untrained person to find and remove all of the lice and nits. The nits are very small so it is unlikely that even the most vigilant parent will find all of the nits that have been laid. One reason that parents have such difficulty eradicating lice is because if you leave a single nit in the hair (and recently laid nits are very tiny), you have not gotten rid of the head lice case; those eggs will hatch and the case will continue on. That is why lice professionals can help you so that you don’t have to reach that feeling of despair; when you turn over the responsibility of head lice treatment to an expert, you no longer feel overwhelmed. That’s when the panicky feeling goes away–along with the lice. Nothing replaces experience when it comes to lice removal. We at LiceDoctors have been treating families with head lice for years. We travel to Little Rock and all Arkansas towns in that area and provide families with proven successful in-home lice treatment service. Because we have “seen it all”, we promise you that we will be there for you and help you with the emotional and physical upheaval of head lice. We assure you that we CAN and WILL eradicate the head lice in your family and will give you tips to help prevent future infestations. That is our promise. We guarantee it! Call us today in Arkansas at 501-404-5511. Make An Appointment in Arkansas Today!