Who Is At Risk For Getting Head Lice?

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The answer is ANYONE can get head lice. Head lice has become an epidemic across our nation. It is one of the major causes of absenteeism among school children. In fact, due to excessive absenteeism and the fact that by the time a child has been diagnosed with lice she/he has been in the class for weeks, the American Pediatric Association and the National Association of School Nurses now urge schools to drop their no nit policies. (read more... Passaic County)

What Do I Do When My Child's Friends Have Head Lice?

Sandy H. from Scotch Plains, New Jersey called us last Saturday in a bit of a panic. She had hosted 5 of her daughter's best friends for a slumber party the night before, only to note that at breakfast a couple of the girls were scratching their heads. Being a vigilant mom, Sandy looked in both of the girls' heads. Much to her dismay she saw a bug in one head and what she thought were lice eggs in the other girl's head. She felt responsible for what looked like a debacle. (read more... Union County)

How Do I Inform My Child’s Friends' Parents That We Have Head Lice?

Let's face it. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news and the news that your child may have innocently transmitted lice to another child can be very uncomfortable for people. You may feel responsible or embarrassed even though your child didn't intentionally pass along the lice. Perhaps you feel that you will be judged for not being a vigilant mom or for failing to keep your child and/or house clean. If the parent you need to tell is the nervous type, this will add to your anxiety. (read more... Essex County)