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Whether Naughty or Nice, You are at Risk of Getting Lice

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Updated on July 13, 2020


Who is at risk of getting head lice? You are if you have any hair on your head.

Head Lice Know no BoundariesWoman with long hair in braid. Thinking, with hand on chin.

Head lice will go to any head that has hair and they know no boundaries in terms of which head they will go to. All they care about is getting to their food source which is blood in the human head. They use hair as a ladder to get to the scalp which houses their food. The truth is that all of us are at risk for getting head lice.

Beware of Lice in the Holiday Season

The holiday season actually increases the risk of picking up a case of head lice as we gather together with family and friends. Head lice move from one head to another and that is how cases are transmitted. Unless you live in a bubble or have a solitary holiday season, you are at risk of getting head lice. The longer your hair is the more accessible it is to the bugs, however head lice will manage to find even small amounts of hair in order to get their food.

Also the cleaner your hair is, the easier it is for the lice to affix themselves to the hair strands. We realize there is misinformation out there associating head lice with poor hygiene. That is not the case at all. At LiceDoctors, we recommend that you use either our LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray or hair gel, mousse, or hairspray, to put a protective coating around the hair to help prevent lice from being able to attach to the hair.

We also suggest that given the prevalence of head lice today that you take a few moments before and after any family gatherings this holiday season to check your children’s hair. The best way to do that is in bright light and you are looking for sticky translucent eggs. Keep these suggestions in mind when you get together with family members over the holiday season. If you find evidence of lice, LiceDoctors is available day or night throughout the holiday season including Christmas day to help you. We hope you have a Happy Holiday season and Healthy New Year.

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