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Is There A Season For Head Lice?

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Updated on September 8, 2020

Updated By Tierna Moser

At LiceDoctors, we recommend weekly head lice checks, especially for families with school aged children, however, there are times of the year, or a season, that head lice is more common.

When Is Lice Season?

Lice season….we are often asked what season is lice most common?  The frequency of head lice increases, and families should be most alert to a new case of head lice, in the warm months. At LiceDoctors, we often see an increase in calls and appointment requests from families beginning around the time when most schools let out for the summer. This trend continues through the start of the school year in the months of August and September. The most likely cause of this increase in cases of head lice infestations during these months is that families and friends will spend more quality time together in the warmer weather; kids play together outside in close contact and therefore transmit lice from one head to another, or from one family to another, more easily. 

Is Head Lice More Common In Summer?

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While lice are active any time of the year regardless of weather, getting lice in summer is very common. There are a variety of different reasons for this. In the summer, head lice infestations are discovered more frequently because parents are able to spend more time together with their children which presents more opportunities to be able to spot a lice infestation that they maybe had not noticed before. They may notice their child itching, or spot nits (lice eggs) as they are more visible outside in the sun. This makes head lice in summer much easier to spot. 

During these warm months, extended families and friends often take advantage of the weather and time off from school to gather together for barbecues and various events, including family reunions and weddings. With less homework and fewer after-school obligations, children have more time to play together. Children will spend more time in close proximity to other children in the summer at day camp, sleep away camp, various sporting events and other extracurricular activities, which provides ample opportunity for them to pass on or pick up a case of lice. When children go back to school in August and September, they are excited to see friends they had missed during the summer break – greeting each other with hugs and taking “selfies” together.

Head Lice Treatment Services Can Eradicate Nits and Lice

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Do not let lice ruin any of your summer plans! To ensure a case of head lice is totally eradicated the first time, it is essential to remove all of the nits from the hair. You will want to hire a professional that will make sure a thorough job is done, and done right to avoid missing out on this time with your family. When you call LiceDoctors you will get just that! Your technician will provide an all natural treatment to everyone in the family in just one appointment, providing a 100% guarantee on the head lice removal service. LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service provides private, confidential, in-home treatment on the very same day that you call in most cases, even on weekends, evenings, and on holidays. Call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537.

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