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When is Head Lice Season?

When is head lice season?

When is head lice season? You may have noticed that head lice are showing up on your kids' hair or on your child's' friends' hair.

Warm Months Increases Frequency of Head Lice Infestations

The frequency of head lice increases in the warm months. The likely cause of head lice infestation is that children play together more in the warmer weather and therefore transmit lice from head to head.With less homework and fewer after-school obligations, children have more time to play together.

Camp and Other Activities Make it a Busy Time for Head Lice

In addition, children at camp tend to be in close contact with each other--whether at day camp or sleep-away camp. Parents and children are together more-giving the mom the opportunity to notice the lice and nits in the hair. In addition, nits are more visible with outside light so parents are more likely to see the nits when outside. It is essential to remove all nits from the hair or the case will keep on going. Here is more information about head lice and camping.

Head Lice Treatment Services Can Eradicate Nits and Lice

To ensure a thorough job is done and done right, you may want to call in a head lice treatment service to come to eradicate the nits and lice. Make sure they give you a 100% guarantee on their head lice removal service. LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service provides in-home treatment using all-natural ingredients and a 100% guarantee - Call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537 .

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