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What does hair look like post treatment?

Updated on April 10, 2017


This question came to us at LiceDoctors from Carrie, a mom in Peoria, Illinois. This was a very important question from her two teenage daughters. The older one, 17 years old, had a prom to attend and the younger one...well she was a typical teenager who was concerned with her appearance. While they desperately wanted the lice and nits (eggs) removed from their hair, they did not want to end up looking like a dish mop when complete. LiceDoctors' technician uses oil to kill live lice and to loosen eggs (nits). We were pleased to be able to assure Carrie that her girls' hair would not only be lice-free but would look better after the treatment than before. The reason for that is that our technicians use oil as part of the process. There are good reasons that certain oils have been used as a conditioner and shine enhancer for thousands of years in Italy and Greece; they leave the hair very silky with a nice non-greasy shine. Client upon completion of LiceDoctors' treatment. Hair is clear of lice and nits and is conditioned and shiny. While it is important to suffocate the bugs, oil does not penetrate the shell of the egg (nothing does); oil does loosen the eggs (nits) which allows your technician to comb through the hair to pull out the nits. While combing helps to pull out nits, it is also important to handpick remaining ones.  Handpicking (aka nitpicking) requires expertise to identify and find the small, camouflaged nits. LiceDoctors technicians are experts at extracting all lice and nits from the hair. Upon removal of the lice and visible nits, we show our clients how their hair looks. Teenage girls, in particular, are thrilled with the results. Not only are they no longer lice-infested and contagious, they are free to return to their social lives and their hair looks great! If you have head lice in Central Illinois, give LiceDoctors a call at 309-431-2545. We will be at your home at your convenience (in an unmarked car) to eradicate the head lice in your family. We answer the phone from 6 am until midnight every day including weekends and holidays.