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What Does A Lice Technician Do To Help You Eradicate Lice?

What Does A Lice Technician Do To Help You Eradicate Lice?
Updated on 
September 5, 2019

LiceDoctors technicians have a mission: annihilate the lice case that has been plaguing you and your family. Hear the story from one technician:

Becoming a lice technician is probably not the first career of choice for the average human being. The reputation of head lice, and the horror stories that were heard growing up could cause anyone to stay far away. At least, that's what I thought before making the decision to "take the plunge". I started my journey with LiceDoctors because I loved the idea of helping distressed families to eradicate their lice problems. Little did I know, what started out as an interest would soon grow into a passion. I know-- who would have thought?!

Lice Alert!!!

My day begins with an alert from LiceDoctors’ professional dispatchers. smiling woman talking on a cell phone in a coffee shop."Hi, we have a lice job this morning for a family of four. Are you available to take it?" I reply with a speedy, "Yes, thank you!" This is where the fun begins.

Don’t Be Lousy!


I am equipped with a thorough preparation plan, so that I can perform my job cautiously, and with ease. It is important to prepare the night before to avoid any last-minute hassles. I check my carrier, to see if I am well stocked with enough olive oil and my handy dandy terminator nit comb. These two items are the bread and butter of our services to our clients. Along with these two, I make sure that I have my cleaning and preventative supplies, including paper towels, table cloths, gloves, toothbrush, garbage bags etc.

To ensure that I myself do not catch lice, I tie my hair up and cover it with a head wrap. Although head lice do not jump or fly, this places my mind at ease and gives me extra assurance.

On the Road

On the road to the client's home is always interesting, because you never know what to expect and the type of personalities you will encounter once you arrive. So, the anticipation gets me-- but in a good way. I make a quick phone call to the client, letting them know that I am on my way. female walking with car keys, water bottle and cell phone. soft focus grass in background.This cracks the ice a bit, and allows me to show a brief depiction of my personality to the customer before entering their home. Upon arrival, I reintroduce myself and assure the family once more that I am here to help. I then ask for direction to the area with the most lighting, and highest seating so that I may be successful in my hunt for head lice.

Before beginning, I check my surroundings and cover areas to protect them from oil. This includes the client’s clothing, which I cover with a cape to prevent staining. By this time, mom's giving me the entire spill on how she discovered her children had lice, and her failed attempt to get rid of them on her own. She is certain that she may have lice as well. "I freaked!" she states as she describes her first comb through her child's hair and discovered what appeared to be tiny, clear bugs with a brownish tinge.

So, I teach her and the entire family how to distinguish among lice, nits, and DEC plugs. I also advise them what precautionary measures they can take in order to avoid re-catching the relentless blood suckers.


I proceed to drench the customer's hair in oil, causing the bugs to loosen their(lice eggs) grip, thus, making them easier to remove while combing. LiceDoctors Technician treating with olive oil. To effectively remove live bugs and their nits , I comb the hair in every direction until I find no more bugs or nits on my paper towel. I then wash the hair and perform a strand by strand check on dry clean hair. I perform this procedure on all family members. After about 3 hours of serving the members, we finally come to a closing. This is when I advise them of the 'LiceDoctors Follow up Plan' that they will follow to ensure that all lice and nits are gone for good.

My experience in servicing those affected with lice has been nothing short of some laughs and camaraderie, mixed with a little bit of anxiety and a whole lot of curiosity. As head lice have earned the title of being an epidemic and continue to invade the hair shafts of any and everyone who dare to get close enough, technicians like myself remain on the front line, ready and willing to defeat these merciless demons.

I leave the family's home confident that they will no longer be victims, but rather victors. Because once again LiceDoctors has conquered head lice. Now, back home to my family, until next time!

Often the easiest and best way to get rid of head lice is to call in a professional. LiceDoctors techs are experienced and have a wealth of information to share with you both in terms of getting rid of your current case as well as helping you to prevent future cases. Call LiceDoctors at 310-923-9787 for immediate relief from head lice. Your lice professional will be sure to end your lice infestation!

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