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What Do You Do When You Learn that there are Several Cases of Lice in Your Child’s Class?

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Updated on July 19, 2020

No one wants to get a phone call from the school nurse or the dreaded email/note saying that there is an outbreak of head lice in the class. What to do when you get the dreaded news?

  1. First, don’t panic. This is not life-threatening.graphic image of big red don't panic button It’s not even an illness. It is a nuisance that can be cleared up.

  2. When you have your child at home, put him or her in in bright light and check to see if you see any signs of lice or eggs (called nits).

  3. You are looking for small translucent oval shaped eggs that are stuck to the hair strand close to the scalp.

  4. If you see something that you think might be a nit, pull it down the hair strand and place it against a white background. If it is a nit it will appear brown, with a pointy front.

  5. If you find a nit or if you are unsure of what you are looking at, it may be time to bring in a professional. Lice are very contagious so the longer you wait the more advanced the case will be and the greater are the chances that your child will spread it to other family members.

  6. Keep in mind that lice have become resistant to chemicals (Google “super lice”) so we do not recommend that you run to the drugstore because, more likely than not, you will waste money and time on these products.

  7. LiceDoctors will make a house call to you to check and treat your family. Your technician is a lice expert and will make sure that the case is eradicated. LiceDoctors has successfullywoman wearing black beanie on head talking on cellular phone treated over 450,000 clients so you know that you will be in excellent hands.

  8. We advise you to tell your child’s friends’ families to check their children so that the friends do not keep passing the case back and forth.

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