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What Do Lice and Lice Eggs Look Like?

Alan from Tampa called us recently and with frustration emanating from his voice asked, "Can you please tell me what these #%?*% lice and their eggs look like? My wife and I have been fooling around with this chore for three weeks and we're not getting anywhere? My kids still have itchy scalps and on occasion we see a bug crawling off of one of their heads!" We gave Alan the following description of head lice: Adult head lice are 2–3 mm long, and are approximately the size of a sesame seed. They are brownish in color, have 6 legs, and do not have wings. Head lice attach to the hair on the head near the base of the hair shaft and lay eggs near the scalp. Head lice need to be near the head so that they can feed from blood in the hair. We then told him to look out for lice eggs or nits which are translucent with a hard shell that encases the baby louse. Many people think that lice and nits are white; they are not. They are round on one side and pointy on the other. Nits have an antenna that comes out of the pointy side. After speaking with Alan we realized that to really know what they look like, you need to see pictures of lice and lice eggs. Following are some photos of lice and nits:

  1. Magnified picture of lice eggs nits Magnified picture of lice eggs (nits).
  2. Severe infestation of nits in the hair Severe infestation of nits in the hair.
  3. Magnified picture of a louse Magnified picture of a louse.
  4. Lice photo compared to quarter An array of lice and nits.

Keep in mind that while it is essential that you know what lice and nits look like, they often camouflage in the hair. It can be very frustrating for a person inexperienced in lice-picking to get every single nit (egg) out of the hair, but that is what must happen in order to put the case behind you. If you need help, LiceDoctors will be there to help you anytime of the day or evening. Just give us a call in the Tampa- St.Pete area at 813-438-2323.