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Welcome Spring and Summer! Welcome More Head Lice?

Fontana Lice Treatment and Removal Spring

Updated on July 19, 2020

Spring has arrived in Fontana, does that mean more head lice? The answer is Yes!

Although, Fontana does not see the extreme temperature swings seen in other parts of the country, spring and summer still invite more children to play outdoors with each other. This in turn leads to the increased incidence of head lice.

As children climb the playground equipment, and more important, climb all over each other, they come in head to head contact. That is when the transfer of head lice generally takes place. It is highly unlikely that your child will get head lice sitting in a classroom, it is, however, much more likely that if one child has a case of head lice and is playing outside with other children, that their heads will come near to each other and the lice will be able to climb from one head to another.

Come summer, when children are playing at summer camp and at informal play dates, we see the incidence of head lice rise even more. In fact, the peak month for head lice incidences is August.

It is especially important during summer months to check your children for lice before and after they go on play dates. The easiest way to avoid a full out lice infestation is to catch a case early on. If you have any questions about what you're looking at, give us a call at 909-266-2549 and we will help you.