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Troy and Rochester Hills School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 18, 2020

It is prudent to check with your child’s health services department to ascertain the particular policy.  Below are the policies for Troy and Rochester Hills, Michigan schools:


If your child is ill, please do not send him/her to school. A student who contracts a contagious disease or condition, such as pink eye, chicken pox, ringworm, impetigo, or pediculosis (head lice) will be sent home from school and must remain home until the student is recovered.

Source: Barnard Elementary School


Please be aware that head lice is contagious and is sometimes identified at school. Children with lice are excluded from school until the first shampoo treatment and the removal of all nits. It is very important to periodically check your child’s hair for nits or lice. If a case is found at home, please notify the school so proper actions can be taken in the child’s classroom. Not only are the two shampoos with a head lice shampoo important, but you must also perform all environmental actions after the first and second shampoos.

Source: Hill Elementary School Handbook


If head lice or recently laid nits are found on your child’s head, notify the school and keep the child home until properly treated. Remember, head lice have nothing to do

with the cleanliness of a house or parenting skills.

Source: Head Lice – A Parent’s Guidelines

No matter how your child’s school responds to head lice, calling LiceDoctors at 248-633-8827 is the best choice for getting your child back in school, confident that they are lice free.