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How I Came to Treat Lice in Carmel and Fishers

Story of Treating lice in Carmel and Fishers

Updated on June 25, 2020

By Lice Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

I get asked every time: So, what made you become a LiceDoctor?And the truth is, it is a very valid question. I was a 20-something grad student studying the brain one day, and then a couple of months later, I there I was standing in a strangers kitchen, wearing nurse scrubs, combing bugs out of people’s hair.

Imagine the surprise when I say I’m working on my Ph.D. “Oh wow, you’re going to become an actual lice doctor?” Ultimately, it all makes more sense when I explain I’m studying social science and that I have been a LiceDoctors technician for a few years while in graduate school.

But how did I get here? The answer is partially interest and partially happenstance—kind of like every other job. And the origin of my journey is my two year-stint at a nonprofit after-school program.

At First I Taught Young Children and Young Children Get Lice


For two years I served as an instructor teaching young and underprivileged girls about a variety of topics. And anyone who has been around kids, especially large groups of kids, knows how prevalent lice can be. After an especially disruptive and chaotic infestation of lice throughout the organization, I had become the unofficial and unplanned leader of the lice movement. Or war, if that’s a better metaphor.

As a Teacher I was the Unofficial Official Lice Picker


I learned over the course of ten weeks how to spot eggs (nits) as well as the actual lice. I got so good and efficient at searching through heads of hair that I was the first line of defense for all incoming children. I even checked my coworkers’ heads, unfortunately finding that two became victims to the infestation.

When I happened to come across an ad looking for technicians in my area, I was immediately intrigued. Lice? Oh boy, do I know a lot about lice. I applied pretty quickly, attracted to the idea of having work that could work around my hectic and ever-fluctuating grad school schedule.

I began preparing for my first jobs, gathering the supplies, and researching the bugs. I have learned more about lice in the last three years than most people will likely learn in a lifetime.

When my friends find out about my secret life as a LiceDoctors technician, there’s usually a sense of curiosity. They’ll say, “What?! Lice?! Aren’t you scared of getting lice?” And my answer is always the same: I am the most educated person I know on the prevention, contagiousness, treatment, and lifestyle of lice. I am the best person to ever accidentally get lice because I know exactly how I would treat it.

Do I want it? Of course not. But I have yet to get lice, and I’m pretty sure it has all to do with my level of education on the subject of lice. And also the shower caps I wear every time I go on a job.


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