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Got Head Lice? Think You Have Gotten Out Everything? Maybe…or Maybe Not

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Updated on July 19, 2020

If you have been battling head lice for a couple of weeks and are now on this site, it is probably because you have learned just how elusive those bugs and eggs are. You are definitely not alone.

Oh No! My Daughter has Head Lice!

It is very common for parents to assume that they can eliminate head lice on their own. You get the call from your school nurse or you see your daughter incessantly scratching her head. You swing into action thinking “I am going to tackle this problem and get rid of those bugs NOW!”

You may go pick up a box of Nix or Rid. Perhaps you choose the homeopathic remedy route. You work for hours and finally you are sure that you are done. Then a week later….she is scratching again!

Why is it so Difficult to Kill Lice?

Now you wonder what you did wrong. Maybe another application of chemicals will help? NOOOO! Stop applying toxic substances to your child’s head. The reasons that the chemicals did not work the first time is that the bugs have become highly resistant and laugh off the lice shampoos. The lice eggs (nits) are totally impervious to chemicals as these products are incapable of seeping through the hard shell of the nits to get to the growing bug inside.

Perhaps you went a different route and opted for homeopathic remedies. Again, since nothing bypasses the shell of the nit, those won't work on the nits either, although they may be more successful at killing the live lice bugs.

So How Do You Get Rid of a Case of Lice for Good?

Enter LiceDoctors. Your technician will work with your family to ensure that everyone is lice-free and that you stay lice-free. She has the proper equipment as well as the technical know-how born of experience taking on and conquering head lice. She will methodically extract the nits and bugs from your hair without using chemicals. Then she will leave you with our copyrighted follow-up plan that was developed by Dr. Stephen Beck 20 years ago and has worked on 400,000 clients since then. LiceDoctors treatments are absolutely safe and are fully effective and come with a 30 day guarantee. Call LiceDoctors at 209-451-2181 so that an experienced lice professional can help you today!