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There are so many lice companies on Long Island, what makes LiceDoctors special?

Updated on April 16, 2017

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While we at LiceDoctors never comment on other companies, we do tell you what we do and we feel confident that you will not find better service anywhere on Long Island. First of all, and this is key, we guarantee our work. That means if we treat you and we do not successfully eliminate the lice and nits, we will come back and re-treat you at no charge; we have successfully treated over 100,000 families. LiceDoctors treats families on Long Island; techs use methodical and safe protocols Here’s more good news: our plan works so well that we do not need to come for a re-check. There is no product on the market that even approaches the efficacy of our treatments. Parents who use OTC chemical and natural treatments and/or Rx treatments before they get to us always tell us that they wish that they had not wasted their time and money on these treatments. LiceDoctors is proud to have an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and a medical doctor on staff. Nothing beats experience. We at LiceDoctors have been treating families with head lice for years. Experienced technicians travel to towns all over Long Island—north shore and south shore and in between and provide families with successful in-home lice treatment service. Because we have “seen it all”, we know how to help you to process and deal with the emotional and physical upheaval of head lice. We assure you that we CAN and WILL eradicate the head lice in your family and will tell you how to eliminate head lice in the house. That is our promise. We guarantee it! For head lice in Nassau County—call us at 516-324-2800; for head lice in Suffolk County call us at 631-306-4390.