The Winning Duo: Olive Oil and Your LiceDoctors Technician

olive oil in a glass carafe with black olives and greenery on table

By Sean McGee, LiceDoctors Technician

LiceDoctors Technician, Sean, is often asked if olive oil is an effective first step in getting rid of head lice. Below he describes a personal adventure and how olive oil came to the rescue.

As a technician for LiceDoctors, I get asked all the time why we have to administer an oil check on our clients just to see if they have lice. The answer is that lice are very fast little bugs and the oil really bogs them down, causing them to look dead at first or slow down within a minute or so. They are exhausted at this point and stop moving, making it much easier to comb out.

LiceDoctors Technician using Terminator Lice Comb on brunette person.I’ve worked for LiceDoctors for about 3 years and I’ve been engaged for about 2 1/2 years to a wonderful woman.  When we first started dating, we would take turns once a week checking each other for lice that I might have brought home from work.

However, we got complacent and stopped. About 3 months later, she was complaining that her head was itchy. So she sat down in front of me and I immediately saw a few nits. Oh brother, I thought to myself, and stopped and checked our son who, thank goodness, was clear. We called his grandmother and sent him to her, so we could get the house in order and us cleared up.

I looked for about 30 minutes through her hair and only found a few lice, maybe 4. Then I poured copious amounts of olive oil into her hair and waited the five minutes it usually takes. On the first swipe with my  professional comb, I pulled out at least 50 live lice of different ages. So yes, even as a seasoned pro who handles sometimes two cases every day, I can still miss them. Nature has made these parasites the perfect little hiding machines. The only way to be certain when checking is to use olive oil on EVERYONE in the house and to clean everyone’s hair who has them. They absolutely sneaky and hide very easily.

The olive is effective in two ways: photo of olive oil drizzling into a glass bowlit slows the bugs down so you can find them and comb them out. In addition, it makes the nits (lice eggs) slippery and loose so that they slide out more easily when combed with a high quality comb. To end a lice infestation it is imperative to get out both the eggs and the bugs. Olive oil in the hands of a lice expert is an excellent medium for that.

If you find lice in your family, LiceDoctors has the winning combination to put an end to the infestation. If you are in Oro Valley or Marana or nearby areas, call 520-549-2209 for lice treatment service today in your own home.