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The Upside and Downside of Kids at Camp

child with multi colored painted hands held in front of face

Updated on July 19, 2020

“Look, Ma, I am an artist at camp…Oh and I have head lice.”

Camp can be a great experience for kids, whether they go to day camp or overnight camp. We know that our kids still talk about their camp experiences, even though it's been many years since they attended. They still sing their color war songs and reminisce about experiences that they had. They can swim, play tennis, and work well with other people in groups, owing in large part to their summers at camp.

As wonderful as the upsides of the camping experience can be for children, there is a downside: all of the togetherness increases the risk of passing along head lice. Does this mean that you should not send your child to camp? Absolutely not! There are so many fantastic experiences that children can have at camp! Head lice are a nuisance, but they are not an illness. Most importantly, they can be easily treated.

Of course, “easily treated” is a relative term. If you are using chemical lice treatments or home made concoctions, you make take issue with the claim that lice are “easily treated”. It can be very frustrating attempting to treat head lice with the wrong tools. For example, chemical lice treatments do not seep into the shell of the eggs, so you are not going to put an end to the lice case by simply using these products. It is an absolute must that you physically remove all eggs from the hair. Leaving eggs in the hair means that they will hatch, and your case will continue.

The key to lice removal is to make sure that you have eliminated all signs of an infestation. LiceDoctors professionals treat children at camp so that they can address a problem that may have spread to several children. In addition, techs make house calls so that all family members are checked and cleaned out. Summertime is peak lice season because children are in such close contact on play dates and at camp. We recommend that you check your child on a regular basis especially if he or she attends camp. If you have any questions or concerns or would like us to come to your home, call us anytime of the day or night in the Homewood and Vestavia Hills area at 205-598-2117 .