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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Technicians

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Updated on June 25, 2020

by LiceDoctors Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

We technicans can help you eradicate head lice and get your life back because we are experienced and have “seen it all”.

Over my several years as a LiceDoctors technician, I’ve seen some stuff. I often find myself visiting clients, who, upon greeting me, will not only apologize for the state of their home, but nervously ask me if I’ve ever seen anything “like this before.” To my clients, “this” can refer to their home, the severity of their case, or the seemingly strange group of people gathered around me.

The truth is, I’ve had enough clients and enough cases that it takes a lot to surprise me. In fact, one of the best things about LiceDoctors—that we travel pretty much anywhere to get to you—has singlehandedly led to some of my most memorable professional experiences. One such case has stuck with me as the night where both client and technician traveled to each other.

It was New Year’s Day, when I received the call to help this particular family. I showed up in the afternoon and was greeted by a polite older couple. As they explained, “Oh, we’re not the ones with lice. They’ll be here soon.” As I set up shop in a laundry area next to the dining room, a family pulled into the driveway. While I began eradicating the bugs on the young children, the puzzle pieces began fitting together. I was told that several families—probably close to 6 or more—would be trickling in over the next hours. This family was the first to arrive, but all were traveling (by trains, planes, or automobiles) to their grandparents’ home to celebrate New Year’s together.

The first family said they were on the train down when they found lice on their youngest’s head. Panicked, they organized an entire lice coup from the comfort of their train seats. They called LiceDoctors, had me show up around the time they did, and began calling every other family member to let them know I would meet them upon their arrival.

As the sun slowly gave way to the evening, I worked on a slow but steady stream of new family members. As I finished one set of siblings, a new set would walk through the door. Before I knew it, the home was filled with close to 40 extended family members and friends, all from different parts of the state or country.

Professional and focused, I could not help but notice the accumulating intensity of the New Years’ dinner smells. Standing for close to five hours next to the kitchen, and especifically the stove, I was both blessed and cursed by what I decided could only have been the world’s best garlic bread. And when the grandmother removed it from the oven, a glimpse of it validated this theory.

Family dinner like Thanksgiving, smiling woman holding a plate of food.

And so the evening was spent with an entire New Years’ family reunion celebration in one room, and a LiceDoctors technician in the next. The family was gracious, and I was thanked over and over again for being available on a holiday. I assured them I was happy to be there, and impressed at the one family’s ability to coordinate the entire effort in under an hour.

Although I was never offered any garlic bread, I felt like an extended member of the family celebration. Family members would laugh from the dining room, calling over to me and making conversation throughout the five or so hours as I finished my work. So when clients ask me if I’ve ever seen “this” before, I generally say no, not technically, but that I’ve been surprised by stranger things. So what’s the lesson? We really are a ‘sisterhood’ of traveling technicians, traveling to clients and even having clients travel to us. And what was my own personal takeaway from this New Years’ lice family reunion? Pack a protein bar next time. laugh

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