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Lice Treatment For The Entire Family

Lice Pickers Come to St. Louis

Why Should We Check Everyone in the Family for Lice and Nits? The call that we got last week from Erica T. in St. Louis went something like this: "I need your help. I checked my kids and they had some lice and nits. I treated them with lice shampoo and combed through their hair and they are now fine. It's me I'm worried about. I now feel itchy and I have no one who can check me. Can you come here and please check me?" We explained to this mom that of course we can come and check her, however, we also need to check her children. Why is that? The reason for that is that lice are highly contagious and if you leave just one nit in the hair and it hatches the case starts all over again. She insisted that she had done a thorough lice treatment on her children and was confident that they were clear. We explained to her that it would take us a short time to check her children and it was in her best interest to do so.

Tracie to the Rescue

Lice Treatment For The Entire Family

Is Lice Treatment For The Entire Family Necessary? One hour later Tracie was at Erica's house in Clayton. This mom was astounded when Tracie using a very high quality comb started to work on her children and showed her that indeed there were several nits left in the hair. Tracie explained to her that first of all the chemical treatments usually do not work as the lice have become resistant to the. Secondly, the plastic combs that accompany those drugstore shampoos are usually of poor quality and miss several nits in the hair. Thirdly, unless you are an experienced head lice technician you will likely miss several nits as they can be hard to identify on the hair since they camouflage.

It is Important to Check Everyone in the Family

As this client learned, in order to eradicate a case of head lice within the family it is imperative to check everyone in the family. The last thing that you want is to spend money on having one person cleared of head lice only to learn that another family member had it and gave it back to the cleared person. At LiceDoctors we treat the family as a unit. The entire family does our follow-up plan and the entire family is cleared of head lice. That is why we have such an excellent track record and why we can confidently guarantee our work. Give us a call at 800-224-2537, or learn more about our lice removal treatment service now!  You will be pleased that you did.

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