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Techniques in Lice Removal

Updated on April 9, 2017

Sectioning the hair helps in lice and nit removal.

Sectioning the hair helps in lice and nit removal. Melanie, a parent of two children in Savannah, intently watched our LiceDoctors' technician, Elizabeth, at work. Melanie wanted to be sure that if her children ever contracted lice again in the future she would be prepared with lice removal techniques. The first thing that she noted was that Elizabeth sectioned the hair. This can be very helpful when removing lice and nits from the hair, especially long and/or thick hair. Lice removal is a very labor-intensive endeavor. There are no shortcuts and if you try to take a shortcut you will inevitably leave nits in the hair. Sectioning the hair aids in the lice removal process by allowing the nitpicker to work on a more concentrated area. If you try to grab a large section of hair, either in the combing or the handpicking stage, you will not have access to all of the strands of hair. (See picture below.) A quality comb helps with nit removal. Each section should be about 2 inches wide. Pin the rest of the hair out-of-the-way. Then focus your efforts on combing or picking nits (eggs) out of the section in hand. Make sure that you use a solid comb such as the one pictured to the right. Remember that even with sectioning the hair, you can benefit from professional help. LiceDoctors has many years of experience and we know how to quickly and thoroughly remove the nits and bugs from the hair. If you leave behind any nits without a follow-up plan, you will still have an active case. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment call us in the Savannah area at (912) 421-2119. We are available from 7 am until midnight every day. Our technicians have eliminated lice in over 250,000 people and can help you today!

A quality comb helps with nit removal.