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Super Lice: Stronger Lice Call for Safer Lice Treatment Measures

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Gone are the days (if they were ever here ) when you soaked the hair in lice chemicals and the pesticide would definitely kill the lice. What is going on in the world of head lice?

Lice infestations are becoming increasingly more common. Lice infestations are a global issue. Not only are infestations common, but they are now more difficult to get rid of than years ago. This may be due to the types of products used to treat lice. Lice are becoming resistant to over the counter remedies. These OTC remedies are not only riddled with chemicals, but they offer little to no guarantee of completely eradicating the infestation.

All these chemicals and OTC products do is kill off the weaker lice (if that), leaving the stronger lice to prevail. This is called natural selection. When an organism is exposed to an inhabitable environment, the weaker die and the strong live and reproduce. The offspring (nymphs) of these stronger lice will be more difficult to eradicate. These are now deemed “super lice”. The usage of chemicals may be effective in killing some lice but not in completely eradicating them. Many OTC products contain some form of pesticide in them. Pesticides are not only not ideal for humans (hence the name PESTicide) but also help build stronger bugs/lice in the long run. OTC and Rx products are very much contributing to the newfound resilience in lice.

It is important to know that with many human-made products/chemicals, they are not always as safe as they seem. Permethrin is a common pesticide used in OTC lice treatments. It is may or may not be safe for humans when applied topically, but if it is consumed orally, it is very may be carcinogenic(cancerous). It is also very dangerous for cats and fish: two very common household pets. This pesticide has been given the green light to be used on children as young as 2 months old. Having these products around can be dangerous if a child or pet were to ingest the permethrin. The long term effects of permethrin have not been closely studied. Just enough research was done in 1991 to conclude it is safe topically in the short term but dangerous orally. Short term side effects to the chemical, such as head aches and dizziness, have been documented and who knows when the drug is around for longer what will turn up as long term effects.

We at LiceDoctors take a very different approach to completely eradicating lice. Instead of relying on chemicals to get rid of lice, we use different techniques. We remove and suffocate the lice with olive oil which is very safe, multi-useful, and a common part of many of our diets. Olive oil is a naturally found product that is great in foods, moisturizing hair/skin and safe for ridding lice. Although lice can build resistance to chemicals/pesticides, no organism that needs oxygen to live, can survive suffocation when done correctly. That is why we at LiceDoctors guarantee complete, safe eradication of lice when our procedures are done correctly. So, you can have the peace of mind that not only will your lice issue come to end, but you also made the best, safest and healthiest choice for you and your family. Stop spending your money on unsafe chemicals that offer no guarantee of eradication and call us at LiceDoctors today!

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