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Super Lice or Why Over the Counter Lice Shampoos Are Not Effective in Treating Lice

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We get calls every day from Massachusetts' parents who tell us that they have tried drugstore shampoos and even prescriptions from the doctor and that those products are not working to get rid of the lice. "Do we have super lice?" a Boston mom asked. "Why is nothing effective in killing the lice or eggs? I see live bugs in the head after I apply the treatment shampoo. What is going on?" Resistance to the chemicals is what is going on. Head lice have been around for millions of years, before human beings. They have had to adapt many times over the years in order to be viable beings today. These morphed lice are called "super lice" due to their heartiness. The bugs have altered their chemistry so that the specific pesticides that were designed to kill them no longer do an effective job. It is said that it takes 3 years for lice to develop a resistance to a new chemical treatment so it would be very difficult to find a pesticide that you can count on to kill all of the lice.

Then there are the nits...those sticky little lice eggs that are secured to the strands of hair with a glue-like substance. Nits have a very rigid outer shell that protects the baby bug or nymph inside and does not allow pesticides to penetrate to kill the bug. The nymphs undergo several stages in their development process and during all stages they have the armor of the outer shell to protect them. If you have been applying the chemical shampoos, you know how frustrating this experience can be. Just when you think that you have this problem licked, there's another bug scooting across the head or you see a few more nits stuck to the hair. It can feel like you are stuck in lice hell. Unfortunately, when parents get frustrated, they may use the treatment chemicals over and over, which is never a good idea. We don't know the long term effects of chemical treatments but why take a chance especially when the products often don't work? What does work is using a systematic treatment protocol that involves combing with a high quality comb and handpicking all of the nits out of the hair. Keep in mind that when checking the head, you must be extremely attentive as the bugs run away from the light at a high speed and are hard to see. Nits camouflage so they can be challenging to find. Be sure to use bright light if attempting this on your own. It is likely that you will need help with this endeavor. That is where we come in. LiceDoctors has helped many thousands of people to get rid of head lice. Technicians are experienced in lice removal and will use that expertise to eradicate your case of lice. For help in the Boston area, call us at (617) 517-4197. In Worcester and surrounding areas, give us a call at (774) 317-7007.  In Western Massachusetts, call (413) 314-2024. A lice expert will answer your call between 7:00 am and midnight every day of the year. We will come to you at your convenience, day or night. LiceDoctors takes the stress out of lice and nit removal.

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