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microscope image of adult louse, lice and nits.

Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Margaret Steingraber

Super lice – yes there is such a thing, and they now outnumber regular head lice in terms of lice infestations.  Known to be more stubborn to get rid of, what exactly are they?  How are they different from regular head lice? Do they wear capes?  

Let’s lay out some facts.

Fact #1 – Super lice are mutated head lice.

Over time, head lice have genetically mutated to become resistant to the active ingredients in conventional over the counter (OTC) treatments.

Fact #2 – They cannot be treated with traditional over the counter treatments.  

The ingredients in OTC treatments are chemicals, and are not organic in nature.  They have been known to burn the scalp and leave behind residue on the hair. Chemicals do nothing to eradicate the eggs.cartoon lice louse with a super hero logo on thorax chest

Fact #3 – They do not wear capes.

The only difference between super lice and regular head lice is their resistance to traditional treatments.  They are exactly the same in every other way.

Fact #4 – LiceDoctors technicians’ all natural treatments work on all head lice, super or regular.

Techs use oil to suffocate live bugs and then we thoroughly comb out the eggs the lice have left behind.  It is safe for all ages, and more effective than the traditional OTC treatments.

LiceDoctors Web image rear view of super hero children in capes.

When traditional treatments simply do not work, it is a waste of both time and money. LiceDoctors treatments generally reduce the impact on the family’s finances and the time it takes to treat the infestation effectively. This allows the family to get back to the routine you are used to more quickly. For head lice relief today, done in the privacy and convenience of your own home, at the lowest prices around, call today at 772-879-5671 . We will put this case of head lice in the past, where it belongs!