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The Slumber Party that Became a Head Lice Picking Party

girls in pajamas on a bedroom floor

Updated on July 19, 2020

It was rather chaotic at Rebecca and Dan's Framingham home on Saturday night as there were five 7-year-olds sleeping over. Their daughter Anna was celebrating her birthday with a slumber party. The girls were squealing with delight as they played games and ate birthday cake. Suddenly one of the squeals sounded different. Rebecca ran in to the room and the girls were pointing to a bug on one of the girls shoulders. Rebecca took one look at the bug and knew she was looking at a head louse.

Rebecca was no novice when it came to head lice. She had had two bouts of it with her children in the past. The last time was two years ago and she had called LiceDoctors for help. She went directly to the phone and called us again. Although it was Saturday night, technician Jennifer came immediately to her home and the slumber party became a head lice picking party. Jennifer made it fun for the kids. Each child had a turn and the girls counted the bugs that she pulled out. Turns out that three of the five girls had infestations.

The girls were giggling the whole time and the next morning, they told Rebecca that it was the most fun party they had been to all year. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Head lice are very common among young children and they are easily passed from head to head. Rebecca knew that the way to deal with it was to get on the case immediately and to check everybody so that the case did not continue to be passed around among friends.

Head lice is usually a group of event as no one lives in a vacuum. If your child has it, she got it from someone who probably passed it to other people as well. Once it's in the family, chances are better than 75% that another family member also has it. If you find a head lice in your family, call LiceDoctors at 617-517-4197 day or night and an experienced professional will come to you to get rid of your infestation.