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Silver Spring Schools

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Silver Springs district, like most of those surrounding, maintains a “no nit” lice policy. Children with lice or eggs will be sent home from school.

School Policies: Experts report than even after using lice-killing treatment, 10-30% of the nits might survive. Hatching will occur in 7-10 days, and could result in reinfestation.

Please understand that since it is difficult to distinguish dead nits from live eggs, we cannot be certain whether treated heads have become re-infested. As such, our policy is that no child may return to school until all nits (dead or alive) have been removed. This policy is for the protection of all the children, staff, and their families.

To prevent the spread of lice, we must ask that children not bring stuffed animals from home. If your child brings one to school, the teachers will keep it in your child’s backpack and not allow it in the room. Please do not put the teachers or your child in a potentially upsetting situation by ensuring that your child does not bring in stuffed animals. (We will allow an animal if your child needs a special one for napping; however, the item will be kept in a sealed bag with your child’s sheets and other napping supplies.) 

We at LiceDoctors know how unsettling it can be when your child is diagnosed with head lice. We will send a technician to your home and we guarantee that your child will be clear and ready to attend school the next day. Give us a call in the Silver Spring area at 240-720-7491 and we will come to you whenever you need us, 365 days a year