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Signs Of Head Lice

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Itchiness is one sign of head lice, particularly if it is persistent. It is important to note that itchiness may be a result of a skin disease or allergy and not everyone who has lice is itchy!

Although, not everyone reacts the same to head lice, there are some telltale signs.


  1. The most obvious sign of head lice is constant itchiness of the scalp. rear view of head with hands fingers scratching long brown hairAs with a mosquito bite, the louse injects saliva into the scalp and most humans react to that bite. Keep in mind though that not everybody has that reaction.
  2. Some victims of lice will have a rash at the site of the bites if they are allergic or if they scratch the bites.
  3. Remember not everyone feels itchy; some people have no symptoms at all.
  4. Lice bites are most visible behind the ears and along the nape of the neck.
  5. Occasionally a bug will reveal itself, although usually they stay hidden.


  1. If you or a family member is scratching the head a lot, LiceDoctors technician examining treated head with magnified lightyou may very well have head lice.
  2. To make certain, put the person in bright light and carefully search in the hair. You are seeking sticky, hard eggs that can be pulled down the hair strand by squeezing your fingers around the eggs.
  3. Take what you pull out and put it on a white paper background. If it looks brown against that background and has a pointy front with an antenna, then you are looking at a lice egg.


  1. The most effective way to terminate head lice is to manually extract the nits and bugs from the hair. Consumer Reports advises that the safest way to get rid of lice is with a metal comb and lubricant. (Source: Consumer Reports)
  2. To do this, you need to have a lot of patience and it helps to have a lot of experience and proper tools.LiceDoctors Terminator comb
  3. The first step is to use oil to loosen the nits and suffocate the bugs. Comb through the hair.
  4. Next on dry hair, hand pick the remaining nits. This is the part of the process where experience really is valuable. Experience helps you to find and identify the nits, which are small and camouflage into the hair.
  5. Make sure that you get out every single nit. If you leave nits behind, they will hatch and you will have another infestation on your hands.
  6. We do not recommend using chemical treatments. They are often ineffective (Google “Super Lice”) and they may have deleterious side effects.

Often people need help with lice treatment and nit removal and that is where LiceDoctors comes in. Technicians makes house calls and leave when you are lice-free. Whether you have symptoms of head lice but don’t know for sure if you have it, or you are certain that you do, we can help you. Call us today at 516-324-2800 . LiceDoctors accepts HSAs and FSAs and treatment is covered by some insurance plans.