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Shawnee and Lawrence School Lice Policies

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Updated on June 25, 2020

By: Karen Keavey
April 24, 2020

Schools in Shawnee and Lawrence do not enforce strict “no nit” policies. Children will not be sent home if nits are found in the hair. It is expected that they will go home and be treated that night.


Shawnee Mission School District head lice procedures

The school nurse will not conduct regular head lice checks. Per the advice of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Center for Disease Control, and American Academy of Pediatrics, children with lice and nits may remain in school. At the end of the school day, it is expected that these students will receive a lice killing treatment at home.

Source: Shawnee SD Health Services


This district acknowledges that head lice do not carry disease and should be treated as a nuisance rather than as an illness. The website states that because lice transmission takes place only with live lice, not with nits, children may remain in school. Lawrence schools expect parents to check their children at home on a weekly basis. If one family member is found to have lice, then everyone in the family should be checked. 

Source: Lawrence Public Schools Dealing with Head Lice

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