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Neighborly Love Or Sharing Lice with Friends

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By Dana Garrett-Estrada, LiceDoctors Technician

We love our neighbors but too much togetherness brought us head lice!

Recently I received a text message from LiceDoctors dispatch requesting that I answer a call for help in my area.  soft focus hand holding cell phone with text message app.Thankfully, I was available and was able to head over to the address provided.  I was informed that not only would I be helping one family, but I would also be immediately reporting to the neighbors’ home and treating them as well.  

“Wow,” I thought, “How convenient!” Little did I realize at the time that this was no coincidence.  And while it may have been convenient for me, it was not a convenience for these two families.

As neighbors go, I would hope that you live in a friendly neighborhood and that you would be comfortable going next door or across the street to ask for a small favor here and there.  “Hey, Tom.  Have you seen my dog? Yeah, he got out again… I know, we still need to fix that hole in the fence,” or, “Hi, Susan!  Sure, come over later and I’ll show you my latest sewing project.” Perhaps, even, you recognize the neighbor’s children and walk them home from the bus stop alongside your own kids, or on the rare occasion, borrow the good ol’ fashioned cup of sugar.

Once I arrived at the first home, I was greeted at the door by a friendly gentleman who graciously invited me in and introduced me to his pair of sons and his wife, and even their dog (who had to sniff my ankles where my own pup’s scent was sure to be found).  They proceeded to share with me that their younger son definitely had signs of head lice, and they had even found a few live lice in his hair the night before.  They were concerned, of course, because that son had crawled into bed with them the last two nights, so they thought it was a pretty good probability that they may have head lice as well.  

As I proceeded to set up and then do the first head check of the night, the couple began to share with me how they believed their younger child may have actually contracted these tenacious creatures from their neighbors.  

two children with messy hair peeking over a hedge.Having moved into the neighborhood eight years prior, the clients were thrilled to discover that the neighbors across the cul-de-sac also had two young boys, both within about a year of the ages of their own sons. Hallelujah!  It was meant to be!

As the neighbors became fast friends, so did the boys, and the four boys quickly all became as close as brothers.  The four are basically inseparable.  Regardless of what activities the boys entertain themselves with, the four of them are always together running, laughing, playing, wrestling, whatever the hullabaloo may entail.  So for the past eight years, the boys go from one house to the other and share many of the same adventures.  Unfortunately, this does include sharing the periodic case of head lice. And that explains why my two back-to-back appointments were directly across the street from one another.  

These two families are so close, they literally scheduled their appointments back-to-back so that I, their friendly local LiceDoctors technician, could do treatments with one family, walk across the street, and begin doing the treatment with the next family until, quite efficiently, both families and all family members had received the complete treatment down to the final dry comb-through.

At this point, allow me to interject with some humble bragging, that I find an immense sense of self-satisfaction in being able to help families out of a stressful situation like the unpleasantness of head lice.  Apparently, these two families are all quite active within the community and school activities, so they find themselves regularly in the midst of having been exposed to head lice and receiving those despised school nurse notification letters. This is the bragging part - they asked if they could request me by name on the next incidence of head lice in one home or the other.  Yes.  This is definitely a compliment and a possibility when you discover that LiceDoctors technicians truly do have empathy for your situation and are in your homes to aid you in your time of need.  If you or your neighbor should find yourselves with lice, call 239-284-1308 today and let us help you rid yourselves of not only head lice, but also the stress and time-consuming chore of ensuring that your family is lice-free.LiceDoctors Technician taking head-to-head selfie with two smiling little girls, all wearing shower caps.

Returning to the families on topic, they were all thrilled to be left with their protocol to follow and have all questions answered.  I was able to confidently assure them that their house call was guaranteed as long as they followed the protocol, and that LiceDoctors and I were glad to be of service.  As a LiceDoctors technician, mom, and person who has had head lice myself, on more than one occasion, trust me when I share that we genuinely care about taking care of your family as our own.  After all, that’s what neighborly love is all about.  Am I right?