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Are Nits Contagious?

Are Nits Contagious?

Are Nits Contagious? Summer is upon us in which means the incidence of head lice soars.  Parents call to ask an important question: are nits contagious. The answer is NO, but there is a more to it.  Nits are not contagious; you can not catch a nit from someone else. However, when the nit hatches, a baby bug emerges. When that baby (called a nymph) matures, it will then be able to crawl to another head where it will be able to reproduce and hence another case of lice develops. In summer, it is particularly important to regularly check your child and if you find nits, tackle the problem as soon as possible.

Why The Increase In Lice?

There are several reasons for the increase. For one thing, as with other bugs, lice like warmth and the weather is more conducive to lice reproduction. Another reason behind the jump in head lice infestations is that children play together more in the warmer weather and therefore have more opportunity to transmit lice from head to head. The primary vehicle for passing along lice is head to head contact. With less homework and fewer after-school obligations, children spend more time together. In addition, children at camp tend to be in close contact with each other–whether at day camp or sleep-away camp. Also, parents and children are together more with unstructured time -giving parents the opportunity to notice the lice and nits in the hair. As schedules may be quieter, often parents discover lice that children picked up in school. In addition, nits are more visible with outside light so parents are more likely to see the nits when outside.

Essential To Remove All Nits From Hair

It is essential to physically remove all nits from the hair; if even 2 nits are left in the hair then the case will start all over again. The nits can be hard to find as they camouflage with the hair. To be sure that the job is done correctly, call LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment Service. Technicians provide in-home treatment that is all-natural and is guaranteed to rid you of lice and nits. Don’t let lice ruin your summer. Call us at 800.224.2537 to set up an appointment at your convenience day or night or learn more about our  lice treatment removal service.

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