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San Diego Head Lice Infestation

Updated on April 10, 2020

Lice Examination at House In San Diego

San Diego head lice infestations are becoming increasingly prevalent among school age children. Because lice are contagious, often families of these children also get head lice infestation and are in need of lice treatment. Increased physical contact with other school children increases the possibility of children getting head lice. This is why we recommend the convenience and experience of a professional in-home San Diego lice removal service like LiceDoctors, who will come and check and treat your whole family.  You will be pleased with the results...we guarantee it!

“I love this job, as I help people go from “OH NO” to “Aaahhh this will all be OK.” I get them free of lice and more importantly educated and focused about exactly how to handle this problem. Although I make new friends along the way, they never need to see me again. I just touch down like an angel…ok a weird looking angel with my magnifying goggles and shower cap…humor me – angels come in all stripes.” San Diego LiceDoctors technician, Kim Head