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Richmond School Lice Policy

Updated on July 13, 2020

School Lice Policy In Richmond

Richmond schools generally maintain “no nit” policies. In the Richmond, Virginia area, schools generally maintain “no nit” policies which is in line with advice from the National Pediculosis Association in Newton, MA. Current recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses encourage schools to become more lenient regarding allowing children with “nits only” to remain in school. These organizations insist that children are missing too much school and that by the time their case is discovered in school, the lice have already been in the head for weeks.

Hanover County Public Schools

In Hanover County, schools retain their “no nit” policy insisting that students with nits may return to school only after all lice and nits (eggs) have been taken off the hair. The school nurse will conduct a head check screening before the child will be readmitted to school.

Chesterfield County School District

Consistent with Hanover County, schools in Chesterfield County forbid children with nits to remain in school. The policy clearly states, “Children with head lice will be excluded from school until the hair has been treated and ALL of the eggs (nits) have been removed”.

Henrico County School District

Lice In Richmond Classrooms

The Henrico schools have a bit more ambiguous lice policy. The web site states that “Once your child has been treated with a product specifically made to kill lice, and the hair has been mechanically combed with a nit comb to remove lice and nits (eggs), your child may return to school. Clinic staff will inspect the child's head to ensure the treatment has been administered properly. To prevent re-infestation, your child should be retreated in 7 days. The clinic staff will recheck your child in 7-10 days for return of head lice. Contact the school nurse or clinic attendant for further information about the elimination of head lice.” Basically, the school wants children to be clear of nits when returning to school but does not specify that there is a “no nit” policy in place. To ensure that you are up to date on your child’s school lice policy, LiceDoctors recommends that you check with your school nurse.