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Portsmouth School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Schools in Portsmouth, Virginia have a “no nit” lice policy, but are becoming more lenient with respect to allowing students with nits to return to school if they are being treated. The district sends kids home with live lice, but if they have nits that are not close to the scalp, occasionally, they are allowed to remain and are expected to be treated at home.

The official policy is as stated, “Our school system enforces a "no nit" policy. No student will be allowed in schools as long as any evidence of head lice (adult lice or nits (eggs) remains in his/her hair. Periodic checks for head lice are done in the school. Regular checks of your child's hair at home will assist us (and you) in preventing large outbreaks of this nuisance.” (Source: Portsmouth Public Schools website)

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