Over-the-Counter Chemical Lice Shampoo Products

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Often when parents learn that their child has lice, their first reaction is to go to the pharmacy to purchase a "lice killing" agent. Unfortunately this is based on outmoded advice as lice have mutated and are now highly resistant to many of these chemicals. In addition, the lice shampoos do not pierce the shells of the nits so that these lice breeding eggs are left in the hair to hatch and start the case all over again. These products are generally sold as a shampoo, creme rinse, or lotion (topical treatment), that is put on the head and allowed to remain there for minutes and then is washed out. According to Consumer Reports, “There’s no reason for parents to douse their children’s heads in chemicals,” says Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., director of consumer safety and sustainability for Consumer Reports. “Physically removing lice, while it seems daunting, is safest for your child’s head.” In addition the site continues to state that, "The over-the-counter products are losing their fight against lice because studies suggest that most of the bugs in the U.S. have evolved to become genetically resistant to the insecticides found in those products. That includes pyrethrum in shampoos such as Rid and the permethrin in creme rinses such as Nix... A study published in the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Medical Entomology found that 99 percent of the head lice collected by school nurses and professional lice combers in 12 states and three Canadian provinces were genetically resistant to permethrin. 'It’s not surprising that we are seeing a resistance to these products,' Rangan says. 'That’s what happens with insecticides and pests over time.'" Some of the more popular lice shampoos are outlined below: Pyrethrins (permethrin): (Products: Nix, Rid, A-200, and Pronto). Recent research reveals that only 40% of lice are killed, even when two treatments are used. The product comes with a poor quality plastic comb that is to be used to comb out remaining nits. The tines of the comb are not close enough together and often several nits are left in the hair. In addition, occasionally some of products cause an allergic reaction, itching, or a rash. Sodium Chloride: (Product: LiceFreee®) This product is considered to be a non-pesticidal product, therefore the company does not need to supply data to the FDA to show its efficacy. LiceDoctors technicians use a professional grade comb and get the lice out. The best way to get rid of lice, and the only sure way, is to comb out all of the nits. This can be overwhelming and challenging for people who are not experienced to get every nit out of the hair. It takes practice to know exactly what the nits look like, where to find them, and how to get them out of the hair. That is our value-added to clients. LiceDoctors technicians are experienced in eradicating lice and nits and will safely and effectively get rid of the lice in your hair. No chemicals, no gimmicks, no risk. Our all-natural protocols work every time and are fully guaranteed. Call Rhode Island's LiceDoctors at 401-433-9806 and say good bye to head lice today!