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North Royalton and Parma School Head Lice Policies

rear view of two long haired children playing on school playground equipment, one hanging from high bar.

Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in North Royalton only restrict attendance of children with live lice, while schools in Parma will exclude children from class if merely nits or eggs are present.


Prevention of head lice is as important as proper treatment. Please review the following guidelines to help prevent the spread of lice:

  • Teach children not to share combs, brushes, hats, caps, scarves, or any other headgear.
  • Clean or disinfect shared headgear (i.e. helmets) with rubbing alcohol before being used by others.
  • Conduct regular head checks of your child.

Although a time consuming process, lice can be stopped with early treatment and attention.

After your child is treated, upon return to school, please accompany your child to the office. Your childs hair will be examined and if live lice are discovered, your child will have to return home.

Source: North Royalton School Health Services


When Should I Keep My Child Home From School?

Below are symptoms on when you should keep a child home from school:

Lice or Nits: Until treated and “nit free” (must be checked by clinic or office staff before returning to the classroom)

Source: Parma School Health pages

No matter what the head lice policy is at your child’s school, LiceDoctors has the experience and know-how to remove the lice and nits so you can return your child to school with confidence. Call 216-273-6802 for same day treatment.