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Head Lice: My Return from Lice Hell

woman pulling her hair out and screaming

Updated on July 19, 2020

Do-It-Yourself lice treatments can drive people crazy. Below, LiceDoctors’ client Nicole M. describes her lice treatment journey:

I am a writer and a mom and a client of LiceDoctors. After our recent experience with head lice, I offered to write about our experience with the hope that you will learn from it and not make the mistakes that I made. You see, I am a do-it-yourselfer. Yes, I make bread from scratch, paint our house, and even make my kids’ clothes. So when they came home from school with lice, I got to work removing the bugs. After all, how difficult could it be?

Well, it took me over 2 months to learn just how difficult it could be! First, I tried home made remedies after researching the topic on line. I mixed oils and applied them. At first, I thought they were working but a week later, I saw a bug. Then I resorted to a chemical lice shampoo which did nothing. Finally, I got a prescription and thought that had worked. Alas, 2 weeks later my kids had a full on recurrence. Now, I was pulling out my hair. My suggestion of shaving my kids’ hair was met with a look of “No, please no!” especially from my daughter.

Mmmmm….what to do? Finally, feeling vanquished, I held my breath and went on line for a professional. Who knew it would be so difficult to get rid of small bugs and their sticky eggs? When I called LiceDoctors, it was explained to me that when the nits are first laid, they are so tiny that they are easily missed when trying to find and remove them. Also, since nothing seeps through the shell of the egg, all of the concoctions that I applied did nothing to get rid of them. In addition, I learned that the time I had spent scrubbing my house and my kids’ clothes was wasted as bugs can not live off the head for more than a day. OK, so I learned something. I learned that in the case of lice, professional help is the way to go!

In this case, I chose LiceDoctors for their track record, treatment style, convenience, and, yes, pricing. Finally our lice journey had come to a happy ending. This was definitely the way to go and I write this with the hope of saving other families from the frustrations and waste of time and money that we endured.

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