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My Hair is Clean so I Can’t Get Lice, Right?

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Shiana Rasheed

Think again! Head lice actually like clean hair better than dirty hair. The truth is that anyone with hair can get lice.

Anyone can be burdened with a lice infestation; as long as you have blood, lice will love you. Lice are parasites, which means they survive off of blood, which they get from your scalp. They don’t care if your home is messy or clean as long as they have what they need to survive.

closeup of girl with wet face and sudsy hair.Lice, or Pediculus humanus capitis, typically are most common in school age children. Why? It’s not their small heads, or questionable hygiene. Typically speaking, school age children are physically closer to their peers. This means that their heads get much closer to each other than your and your coworker’ heads. They might share a brush after gym class, or embrace in a long hug. This close contact is the way that lice can go from one head to another.

I Have Curly/Ethnic Hair, so I Can’t Get Lice!

Unfortunately, this is also another myth surrounding the world of lice. Two pretty black girls hugging with heads close together.Head lice don’t mind curly or coarse hair, as long as they can cling to it and climb to their food source. But, there is a difference; typically when someone has curly or ethnic, they use hair oils to smooth the hair and keep it hydrated. This use of oil makes it hard for the lice to stick to the hair and provides an environment that is hard for them to breathe.

Oiled hair does not mean that a lice infestation is impossible, but it does make it harder for the lice to use you as a host. This also applies to someone who has straight hair and uses a lot of oils. Basically, oil or gel in any hair acts as a deterrent to lice. This is why lice prefer clean hair to hair that is oily.

Bottom Line!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it can’t happen to your or your family. If you are faced with a lice infestation, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. It’s very common and also very manageable, so no need to lose your head (can’t resist a good pun). Just call LiceDoctors at 203-302-9002 in the Bridgeport area for lice treatment in your home at your convenience.