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Mount Pleasant School Head Lice Policy

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Mount Pleasant do not enforce a strict “no nit” policy. Students are not excluded from school if they have head lice.  


Head Lice

Unfortunately, each school year all schools have head lice, especially elementary schools. Head lice are not a health hazard; however, they can be quite a problem for families to get rid of at home. Therefore, at the beginning of each school year we ask that you discuss the facts and precautions with your child(ren).

Helpful tips:  

  1. Remind your child not to share combs, hair barrettes, hats, scarves, helmets, or coats. Head lice are wingless and do not have hind legs. So, they crawl, they DO NOT jump or fly.
  2. Have your child’s head checked if he/she complains of an itchy scalp
  3. If your child does have head lice:
    • Contact you physician, ask what products to use, and follow the directions.
    • Remove all lice and nits from the hair. Check the hair everyday for at least 14 days for any missed lice or nits.
    • Repeat treatment according to directions.
    • Wash clothing, pillows, bed sheets, and stuffed animals in hot water (130 degrees)for 20 minutes.
    • Vacuum all rugs, furniture, car seats, cars, and mattresses.

Finally, if you suspect or know your child has lice, PLEASE contact the school nurse.

Source: Mount Pleasant ASD Nurse


8.  What if my child has head lice?

The most important thing to know about head lice is that ANYONE can get them, and that, if your child does, it is absolutely essential to inform the school nurse.  Children can become infected in many areas such as playgrounds, after school activities, buses, theaters, trying on clothes and hats in stores.  Students should not trade or share combs, brushes or hats.  We suggest that you check your child's head weekly to look for lice or nits (the eggs that the female louse deposits on the scalp).

Scratching the head is a possible sign of infestation.  Nits usually appear close to the scalp, behind the ears or around the nape of the neck although can be anywhere on the head.  Each nit is the size of a pencil point.  They are egg shaped and have a whitish pearl color. They are sometimes confused with dandruff.  However, nits do not brush off the hair easily as dandruff does.  The adult lice are harder to find (unless there is a large infestation) as they avoid light and can move quickly from hair to hair.

Any student with an active infestation of head lice will be sent back to class. The nurse will notify the parent and ask if he/she would like to pick the student up to begin treatment.  Students are not excluded from school if they have head lice. Call your healthcare provider for treatment.”

Source: Mount Pleasant ASD FAQ

Head lice is common for school children, but it doesn’t have to be a crisis. Call 843-501-9900 for a LiceDoctors professional head lice technician to come at your convenience to treat your children and get them back to school quickly.