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Misconceptions and Truths About Head Lice

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Jessica Teague

When you or your child has lice, it can very easily feel like your world is being thrown into complete chaos. Question marks in colorful bubblesThere’s the fear of having to deal with missing work, the kids missing school, and the loads upon loads of laundry you have to do. Worse yet are the long hours of pulling tiny nits out of someone’s hair, possibly even a small child’s, who is the last person who wants to sit still while you pull out the little buggers. It can be a difficult situation when you find out someone in your home has lice, especially when there are so many myths and misconceptions about lice out there. So it’s best to take one step at a time and learn

Myth - People who get lice have poor hygiene or have dirty homes.

Fact - This is one of the more well known myths out there and it’s one that drives me the most crazy. This myth and stigma make it so that families are embarrassed to discuss with others or tell the school when someone in their house has lice. This is only going to lead to a bigger outbreak of lice because there’s a smaller chance of people noticing the lice sooner rather than later. Lice need clean hair; if your hair is greasy it makes it substantially harder for lice to attach to your hair.

Myth - Only the name brand lice kits will rid you of lice.

Fact - This is simply not true. There are several natural and chemical-free alternatives to help rid your home of lice. In fact, lice have evolved and are largely resistant to these pesticides.

Myth - Lice spread diseases.

Fact - Although lice can cause itching and become irritating, they will not spread diseases. However, sometimes the itching can lead to excessive scratching that can sometimes increase the chance for a skin infection so try to refrain from scratching.

Myth - Kids have to stay home from school. You have to miss work.

Fact - By using LiceDoctors lice treatment service you are able to return to work/school after one night of treatment. While lice can be difficult and unnerving, they do not pose a health hazard. So once treatment has begun, you are free to return to everyday activities. After one treatment, you are no longer contagious.

When we better understand lice and do not give into the stigma behind it, we are better able to handle it when it become a part of our life for a brief time. Knowledge allows us to properly handle lice so we can prevent further infestation and remove lice from our family as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If you encounter lice in your family, don’t despair. A single phone call to LiceDoctors at 404-618-0472 starts the process. We will send a professional lice technician directly to your home to put an end to your lice woes today.