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Midwest City and Moore School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020


Schools in Moore have dropped their “no nit” policies, but only until the end of day one. If a child does not have live bugs, he or she can remain in school until the end of the day. Day 2, all nits (lice eggs) must be gone for readmission to school.


“The following policy and procedure has been set forth to safeguard the students and personnel from an epidemic from Pediculosis (lice).

The Protocol for any student or personnel with signs of live lice or nits will be as follows:

  • When live lice are found, the student will be immediately sent home from school and may not return until all lice and nits are removed.
  • If only nits are found without the presence of live lice, the student may remain at school for the remainder of the day, but may not return until all nits are removed.
  • The student will be readmitted to school only after health department personnel has checked and released him or her to return.
  • Should a re-infestation occur, the individual will again be excluded from school and the above policy will be in effect.

Absences will be excused for up to forty-eight (48) hours per occurrence to treat and clear head lice with appropriate documentation from the health department.”

Source: Moore PS Health Services

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