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Massapequa and Babylon School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Schools in Plainedge and West Islip no longer have “no nit lice policies, while schools in West Babylon will send students home if they have nits in their hair. Each district chooses its own head lice policy.


“The Nurse’s Role

  • Nurse will examine the hair of any child complaining of an itchy head.
  • When lice and/or nits are identified, the parents or guardians will be notified and advised on how to proceed. The student may remain in school.
  • The nurse will examine your child’s hair upon return to school and again within two weeks. Please feel free to consult with the nurse as needed.
  • *We are aware that this is a sensitive issue and will take every measure to protect your child’s privacy.
  • *The best control is to check your child once a week and remind him/her to keep their heads away from friends and classmates.”

Source Plainedge Schools Health Services



Much like the aforementioned district, West Islip schools rely on the judgment of the school nurse. “Children are sent home to be treated for lice and the nurse checks them when they return. The child is then checked 7 days later. Information is sent home to parents apprising them of the contagious nature of lice and advising them on treatment and identification protocol. The district references recommendations of the CDC.”

Source: West Islip Elementary Schools


“A student with head lice or nits (eggs) will be excluded from school. Parents/guardians will be advised to shampoo the student with pediculocide shampoo and to remove all the nits. Educational materials are available. This child must be rechecked by the school nurse before returning. A student must be NIT FREE in order to return to school. When a positive case of head lice is found, the school nurse will check the other students in the classroom. The nurse will also notify other nurses in the district to check all siblings living in the home.”

Source: West Babylon Schools

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