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The Many Virtues of At-Home Professional Lice Treatment Service Compared to a Salon

Updated on April 16, 2017

Lice Salon or Nit Pickers

There is an easier way to treat kids than having to pack them up in car to drive to a treatment place. Call LiceDoctors for convenient, at-home service today. Let's face it, as a parent, you are in the car way more than you want to be. Susie has to be at softball at the same time Johnny needs to be at a birthday party. Then there's the left-at-home lunch that must be delivered to your second grader before noon, which overlaps with the preschool carpool that you drive. So when your child comes home from school with head lice and you need professional help, the last thing you need or want to do is jump (drag yourself?) into the car, and drive, yes drive, to some facility when there is a more convenient option. LiceDoctors comes to you...anytime —7 days a week—day or night. Remember when doctors used to make house calls? Ahhh… the privacy, the care, the convenience. Privacy and confidentiality are high concerns for many parents. LiceDoctors come to your home (in an unmarked car) so that you can maintain absolute privacy (no worries about being spotted by the mom of your child’s friend as you go into a lice salon or clinic and no worries about a lice-free child contracting a case of lice from the salon or clinic, which happens). In addition, at-home lice removal service also allows you maximum flexibility as when one child is finished being checked, she can return to her at-home activities—no need to wait for little sister to be treated. LiceDoctors takes away your stress and makes your lice treatment experience as pleasant as possible. You may wonder if there is a premium price for this service and the answer is no. In fact, often our service is less pricey than at salons or clinics, which usually charge by the head in the range of $150 and up per person. It is very important that all family members be checked (less so for dads/adult men who rarely get lice) as lice are so contagious. We charge by the hour, and on average it takes us 2.5 to 3 hours to treat a family of four and we pro-rate in 15 minute increments. Often clinics/salons check only the child known to have lice, as siblings are not available or willing to come in to be checked. The family ends up calling us to come into their home and check the whole family. So why not make your hectic life a little bit easier? Grab your phone and call LiceDoctors in Pittsburgh today at 412-328-2201. LiceDoctors accepts major credit cards and Flex Spending Account credit cards. Some insurance companies cover lice treatment services.